The Matzav Shmoooze: “Feel Good Judaism”


Dear Editor,

I have some questions for the readers of Matzav.

How have we allowed much of Yiddishkeit to be hijacked by those who have decided to rebrand everything so that it is “fun”?

It is these people who are promoters of running away to the Ukraine for Rosh Hashanah, when a person’s place on the Yom Hadin should be his shul or yeshiva. They run to a Carelbach-concert-kumzitz type of Selichos, because a “regular,” normal Selichos in their local shul is not “fun.”

Good, old-fashioned, genuine Yiddishkeit is cast aside for the new, more “hip” type of Yiddishkeit, where the Yomim Noraim are a chance to escape to Europe and Havdalah has to be a 45-minute guitar-fest. Conventional Torah learning and davening, and normal Yiddishe dress and family life are replaced by feel-good versions of “anything goes.”

Where is the outcry? Or is there no outcry because most Jews have just gone off the deep end and people like me are now far and few between?

I’d rather hear from Matzav readers that people are just apathetic than hear that most people have been baptized and “farchapt” by the insanity, leaving me and some other yechidim to practice Yiddishkeit in purity, without all the fake fluff and the feel-good Judaic culture that seems to surround us wherever I look.

A Worried Jew

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  1. Look, I believe anyone who has some basic common sense will understand that if your Yom Hadin looks the same as your Simchas Torah then something is really wrong…

    However at the same time there is a need for some leniency when it comes to troubled youth etc. but they have to be told that this isn’t the “real” and “authentic” way to do it, and that one day they should mature and do it right.

  2. Dear Worried Jew:

    One of the primary reasons that Torah Jews are falling off of the derech is because the derech has become too narrow and slippery for many of our young people.

    Moving hashkafas to the far right may be acceptable to many. However, it is difficult if not impossible to deal with for many others.

    You ask: “Where is the outcry because most Jews have gone off the deep end . . .”.

    I declare that it is the far right-wing branch of Orthodoxy that is “going off of the deep end”, with their ever-increasing chumras and restrictions.

  3. Yiddishkeit is fun and good. If people are motivated by A Carlebach selichos, let them find ruchniyus that way. Why is it your way or the highway? Why would you rather people stay at home or be unmotivated when they daven on the yomim noraim?

    People in the “field” will tell you that the problem yahadus has today is that the young are unmotivated and empty shells. There are unfortunately a significant number from the chareidi community who suffer from this malady. Let them listen to the Jewish music of their choice. Let them go to a kumzitz. Let them be inspired and happy yidden. Do you have any idea how many frum parents would cry tears of joy because their children participated in a Carlebach kumzits?

    While I alsoprefer traditional tefilah and traditional dress my primary obligation is to raise my children frum. It is much easier when they are also happy. While you envelope yourself in purity, try to have fun too.

  4. to author

    Your absolutely right & im afraid to be the one to welcome you to the new generation of self-centeredness & I wish this was not true welcome to the new generation of instant gratification.
    We have a major problem in today’s generation it’s called FACING REALITY. What happens today when tragedy strikes C”V? we block it from our faces and say “what does Hashem want from me? ” I have nothing to do with this tragedy that occurred to us C”V
    But the truth is that we really do get the wake up call from Hashem to do teshuva we just can’t admit it to ourselves. So we leave Hashem no choice but to keep on sending us wake up calls.

    With the serious day of Yom hadin upon us & the time for teshuva & returning to Hashem, most people remain in denial & look at what they did & convince themselves falsely that the sins that were done most of them are not really their fault & I don’t really have teshuva to do. with that in their minds they set off to uman to party.

    how insane that is & I hope they will wake up before its too late

  5. Why is the writer assuming only Judaism as practiced in in the Euroean shtetl is a valid version of Judaism? He’s quick to say what one “should” do but those are really the things he wants to do. DO you think the way your grandfather said slichos is the same way slichos were said by the early rishonim? In sephardic communities? The world changes, and a changing approach to certain practices in Judaism WITHIN THE CONFORMS OF HALACHA is acceptable. You are not the arbiter of what one SHOULD do.

  6. It’s a zchus to be able to daven, do teshuva, learn, etc. in one’s own shul or yeshiva. Most of the Yidden who go to Uman do not go because it is fun. They are genuinely looking to do teshuva because their own shule or yeshiva are not working for them. Many Yidden today are not connected to their own shuls or yeshivas. Boruch Hashem for tzaddikim so that they can still connect through their zchusim. By the way, a large number of Yidden who go to Uman are Breslov. It is their mesorah to daven in Uman on Rosh Hashana.

  7. When there’s no presonal relationship with the Ribono Shel Olam a person needs externalities. I hope these types of actvities will bring those closer to Hashem but I wouldn’t condemn them for their lackings. More mussar must be learned before taking on to “finish shas” or anything like that.

  8. Yes, I agree. If we are actually oved Hashem b’simcha ub’tuv laiv, how are we going to be zocheh to the klalos of the tochacha? [sarcasm, in case you can’t tell]

  9. I think you have some interesting points.
    Some people have a mesorah of going to the rebbe for yom tov, not mine but I have no issue with people who do have this mesorah. If one doesn’t one should consult his moreh derech about the best thing to do for yom tov.

    As to Carlebach slichos, I guess I haven’t been. Interestingly, many mainstream shuls are doing more slichos night, like lead-in shiurim. I guess we all need a little something, don’t we?

    As for Havdalah, ever heard of the Shabbaton ebbing? I don’t think we should need it every week but it seems like a nice occasional treat.

    The upshot is, Yiddishkeit isn’t supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be happy, and sometimes maybe we need an extra boost so we don’t get in a rut. Do you think there’s some middle ground, Worried Jew?

  10. This weeks parsha Rashi says Roshaichem Leshivtaichem. There is no one size fits all. Do whatever it takes to rekindle the pintele Yud in you to reunite us,

  11. What you say is sadly true but your example of Uman is a poor one. I have many friends – none Breslover – that went and said the davening was intense and the whole atmosphere was kedusha.
    But it is true that there is a lack of “pnemius” today which causes people to fall for meaningless “chitzonius”. And the only way to get into the “pnemius” is only thru Torah. Chassidus, and sifrei Mussar.
    As for davening – if they talk in your shul – you are not going to feel anything – because sadly those tefillos are going nowhere.

  12. I am unclear if the author is seriuosly concerned or is this a vehicle for self-aggrandizement,as his statement that he practices in purity suggests.

  13. While I do find a 45-minute guitar-fest somewhat alien for my taste, it is much better for some people to have a guitar-fest as long as they keep Shabbos and the rest of the 613 mitzvos than many alternatives that have occurred in the past 150 years. The 45 minutes musical havdalah and 45 minutes learning don’t exclude each other. Instead of criticizing, it may be better to encourage Yidden to study and be Shomrei Torah Mitzvos whatever their dress or background is.

  14. Why do I get the feeling that you are really one of the “feel-good” guys and are using this as a PR scheme?

    You failed to mention what Yiddishkeit is.
    You failed to mention Why about anything.

    You attacked, which is not helpful.

  15. First: Being in one’s shul or yeshiva is only ideal if he is able to have an uplifting and meaningful yomim noraim there. If one’s ruchniyus is enhanced by travelling, then I think it is fine as long as he is not going into debt to pay for it and his wife is mochel b’laiv shalem. But if money is tight and/or one’s family would prefer that Tatti is home for yom tov, that is a different story. So the problem is not rushing after feel-good Judaism, but how one prioritizes things. Feeling good is great, but if one’s shalom bayis and/or budget suffers because of it, then in the long run one loses.

    Second: Excuse the harshness, but I would say that you are in the minority if you feel that you practice “Yiddishkeit in purity”. My hunch is that most people feel they have a long way to go on improving themselves, and choose not to point out and whine about (perceived or real) chesronos on other people.

  16. spoken like a true litvak. In special times you need to attack the yetzer hara with special tactics and you cant necesarily fight with what worked in the past. You cant start growing unless you feel good practicing yiddishkeit. It cant be a burden or else in these times, who wants or needs burdens when I can find other stimuli that I will enjoy. lighten up

  17. Yiddishkeit is a continually evolving framework in how we bring ourselves close to Hashem. The way that you come to being yourself close to Hashem is different to the individuals you have mentioned, Sefardim, Temanin and certainly those of our ancestors. Note: The stories of Chassidim we were told when growing up were how they left their homes for the entire Tishrei to sit by their Rebbe and of the Yidden in the Torah who went to the Beis Hamikdosh without their wives and kids for Sholosh regolim, in those time there were no airplanes….

    I always remind myself of an answer given by Rav Dessler when asked after the war as to which type of yiddishkeit is the correct ‘brand’. To which he replied that in todays age grab onto any ‘brand’ or parts of multiple ‘brands’ that will bring you closer to Hashem.

    With all the other external outside world influences, surely anything that an individual does to keep them close to Hashem is real yiddishkeit

  18. Had u just posed the question I could have somewhat related but your examples are far off. And btw no one ever said u shouldn’t enjoy Judaism quite the opposite. It’s important to serve Hachem besimcha, in fact the Ari hakadosh sais this is how he merited to reach his level, so I don’t understand why this bothers you.

  19. Where in all of Tenaach does it refer to Rosh Hashana, as the Yom Hadin for the whole year? After all it the most important day, when Hashem sits with the Sefer Hazichronos open.
    Even in Nechemia, there is no mention of Yom Hadin or Shofar.

  20. These are not the problem these are the symptoms
    People have nothing in yiddishkeit there has to be a overhaul of giving over yiddishkeit

  21. Part of being an ‘erliche’ yid is not judging, especially when someone is doing something that he/she thinks is proper in ruchniyus. Some people actually connect to Hashem in different ways than you do and than their own ancestors did, but if they’re not doing aveiros and they’re actually driven to do these things by a desire to develop a connnection with Hashem, then there is nothing there to criticize, even though you might not have the same opinion as to how people should celebrate yom tov…
    To say it’s fake and fluffy might be true if you were to do those things, but some people by nature are drawn towards different types of avodas and if it works for them and they are working on their development and avodas Hashem, that should be praised…
    Your article was not the type of article that brings ‘awareness’ of how things “should be”, rather it brings an awareness of a lack of acceptance and judegmental-ness that apparently is prevalent in our society.
    I happen to be on your side, ver into the mesorah and doing things in a straight-roward way, but I aso understand that many people in our generation are coming from many different backgrounds and I hold very highly of anyone who takes steps in ruchniyus in whatever way they connect, as long as it is b’geder haTorah…
    A gut yur, Mmay we have a year of peace, achdus, ahavas Yisroel and only good!

  22. This letter is right on. Unfortunately we have been hijacked by the hippie movement that wears what they want, davens when they want, and does what they want.

  23. Judiasm IS supposed to feel good. Not necessarily fun and thrilling like a ride. But pleasurable and satisfying? Yes! We each find our own way which helps us connect to Hashem and I believe the greatest insanity is how we judge and belittle others’ paths.
    Yes, we have to help our brothers and ourselves to appreciate the beauty and meaning in the everyday Jewish customs. Yes, the hype, the fun and the segula chasing gets out of hand – and is definitely not my personal way of doing things – but as long as halacha is paramount and people are sincerely trying to connect to Hashem, Kol Hakavod to them!!
    (Guidance from an objective Torah adviser would probably be a good idea to help us differentiate between opportunities to get closer to Hashem vs. opportunity to keep up with the Cohens – but that is another topic.)

  24. Well, for some of your questions, Id have to say, they come up with that stuff, cause the Judaism given them is like you say, conventional, and like I say, dry.
    Davening in the Yeshiva I went to, was like a dirge. THe lights were neon, the place was deorated like a funneral home. Sorry, just my personal observations. So I went to the Sefardi Israeli plae across the street to pray. It was vibrant, the prayers were not mumbling, could easily be heard. THe place wasnt decorated like a funneral home.
    Slichot, I have yet once to come across even once an ashkenazi slichot that just didnt seem like more mumbling, an exercise wedged in where it was simply an inconvenience in the daily regime of davening (in a funneral parlour) and shtieging.
    I htink the ashkenazi world in particular needs to shep from the Sefardi world. Do things beautifully if you want people to imagine you take them seriously. If you want people to take Judaism seriously, why is it a dirge?
    I am lost about why people get all bent out of shape about people going to Uman. Forever more! GEt over it! YOu know, in EUrope, the custom amongst hassidim, which probably as a custom pre-dates hassidut, was for a yid to travel to thei Rebb for Rosh HaShanah! THats right, guys ditched their poor lonely wives and kids to travel by foot or wagon or horse or whatever for what may have been days and even a few weeks each year! Men are soooo tied down in our times, home every night! Its too muc, I think it is massively healthy for guys to get out once in a while, it is the male nature to go out.
    Ive been to some terrible davening. JUst so you know, its not fun. We have mitsvot, obligations, requirements, needs and commandments, and lets do them besimchah! THe moment it isnt fun, it becomes, why? WHat for? Why not fun or enjoyable!!!!!!
    In our morden technological times, our minds and bodies are stressed like minds and bodies werent in times past. We need release. If I cant hear the laining, if the chazan is for all I can say mumbling, I take cheshbon ans say, you know what, I dont feel well, I am hear, I am ready, what is going on? It hurts to be let down by others. Iprayedonce a Shabbat night at a place in Bne Brak, and they didnt do Kabbalat SHabbos out loud if at all. THeir minhag. I was like, good luck getting me back here. Funneral dirge! And hey, Im not a flake. I simply have limited physical strength, stamina, energy to invest walking to or getting to shul, only to run up against dirge. I can have a drige at home and save myself the time! Or I can skip the dirge all together and not get bogged down and depressed!

  25. How can you call a Carlebach style slichos fake if They say all the tfillos, it’s done in a tznius way and is about feeling the emotions of tfillo? It even takes longer and takes more effort than the regular thing! I’m not saying it’s the only way to go, but it certainly is not something to look down on. Who says your tfillos will be more miskabel? You need to realize now that Jews from all over the world are different than each other and that is a positive thing. Together, we make up Klal Yisroel, not just people from your grandparents particular town in hungary, or whatever.

  26. I totally agree with the author of this letter. Let’s retake “pure” Yiddishkeit from the crazies…

    In specific, let’s get back to that “pure” form of Yiddishkeit where people are judged not by their sincerity, middos, Ahavas HaShem and Ahavas Yisroel, but by how much silver they use on their Shabbos table, real plates over throw-away, sheitel price, going to the “right” bungalow colony in the summer, and the “right” program for Pesach (defined, of course, by the per-person price and who else will be there).

    Most importantly, let’s get back to those good ol’ days when people were judged not by the width of their hat brims, but by how many rabbi’s, hashgachas, shuls, and just plain yidden the could passel or just not hold of…

    Ahhh… those were the days… when Yiddishkeit wasn’t fun, Chas V’Shalom, people had no reason to smile or dance (save for a little bouncing back and forth distractedly at a neighbor’s child’s 600 person chassuna), and of course, the Heimish community allowed for no individuality or independence whatsoever – and all behavior was strictly regulated by a small group of judgmental people who were in charge of evaluating everyone’s level of frumkeit, yiddishkeit, and heimishkeit, on behalf of the Ribbono Shel Olam.

    For the record, I don’t go to Uman, I’m an actively member of a mainstream Yeshiva-ish Kehilla, I dress in black and white, wear a typical down-hat and learned for 10 years in a yeshiva-ish Kollel…

    But I’ve spent the past 20 years working with the heiligeh korbanos of the sentiments expressed in this letter. If you continue to make the “derech” more and more narrow, don’t be surprised how many people find themselves no longer “on” it…

    I thought Matzav had a strict no-nivul-peh policy on the site??? To me, this letter falls comfortably in that category.

  27. Right on! And the feel good extends to all the l’chaims, singing, spiritual flights, late shachrises, Where is the rationalist yiddishkeit of the Rambam?

  28. What a great point you make you’re definitely not alone I very strongly believe we started it ourselves by encouraging Jewish entertainment such as concerts and shows turning singers into celebrities respecting them and looking up to them like role models by supporting all sorts of “Jewish” movies and productions we instill in our children the drive for a fun action packed life and once they get that drive they are never satisfied …

  29. I am “really “worried” about you and YOUR “hashkafa”. Personally, I am not for going to Uman for any reason. I will not support the Ukrainians, the murderers of my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and brothers. May Putin destroy them all.
    Since the founding of Chassidism in the late 1700’s, Chassidim left their families and went to their perspective Rebbes’ to be with them thru Succos, nothing new here. The Litvishe Rosh Yeshivos also required their students to remain in Yeshiva, as you point out yourself, nothing new here either.
    The reason being,, that Chassidim felt spiritually enhanced being surrounded by their fellow Chassidim and their Rebbe, and the Litvacks wanted to be near their Roshei Yeshivos to grow in Yiddishkeit and spirituality. Everyone in their own way!
    This surge of Ruchniyois that they experienced during these special weeks, remained and kept them going for the entire year.
    During the times of the Bais Hamikdash, men went to be Oilie Regel, and left their families behind, and that’s where all this comes from.
    So, Mr. Worrier, what’s wrong if a guy feels spirituality at a “Carlebach Selichos Kumzitz?”
    It doesn’t fit into your narrow-minded lilliputian brain? For you a guy who wants to get close to Hashem by attending a “Carlebach Selichos” is “farchapt” and “babtized?”
    Did you know, that the Leviyim in the Bais Hamikdash played their instruments while chanting the Yoim? Even on Shabbos!
    What do you mean by saying “Good, old-fashioned, genuine Yiddishkeit ?”
    What does that mean? Does that mean, shukling and rolling your eyes back into your head?
    What’s wrong with a “Havdalah that is a 45-minute guitar-fest.” Who cares? What matters is that they are connecting to their Creator.
    Thank G-D, that we have all these ways to connect. Some go to hear a Chazzon, some seek out a “good baal tefilah” some go to a Rebbe, and some, yes, go to a Carlebach Selichos. What’s wrong with that? Because it doesn’t fit into your mold?

    What’s wrong with “fun?”
    There are many ways to connect to Hashem…

    Judaism has evolved.
    In the times of the Rambam, they were turbans ….
    The Chofetz Chaim wore a cap….

    You are the one who hijacked our religion !

  30. While I am not part of this group, I can tell from your letter that you don’t feel like there is any place in Yittishkeit for fun. Let me explain to you Chassidim worship Hashem with joy not misery, and they are not of german heritage where everything is do your duty. Dovid Hamelech says we are to serve Hashem with joy. Before critisizing you should take a very deep look at the movement that bothers you. Yes they have people that go overboard, and yes many do not know better, they are trying to find their way. Your shutting them down will only turn them off, not bring them closer to Yittishkeit.

  31. That’s not to say we shouldn’t give our children a fun action packed life but it should be meaningful and authentic that would result in true happiness. For instance what greater joy is there than to sit down to a pesach seder in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your beautiful family enjoying mommy’s delicious food basking in the light of your respected father, singing zmiros… and we’ve exchanged that for pesach hotel’s getaway with our celebrities… we’ve exchanged true happiness and meaning for that emptiness . Oti azvu mekor mayim chaim lachatzov ahem be’aros neshbaros. ..

  32. Rabbi Yisroel Reisman Shlita spoke on Tisha Ba’av in Agudas Yisroel Zichron Shmuel (Rabbi Ginzburg’s Shul). He decried the “Pomegranatization” [his exact word] of segments of Kllal Yisroel. Where Yidden are constantly looking for the next Taava. Looking for easy street. No more commitment to Avodas Hakodesh. No serious attempt to correct our ways.
    I feel, the unfortunate claim of “Zi shver Tzu zein ah Yid” is back in vogue.
    Very troubling situation.

  33. Had a neat idea. The ice bucket challenge raised 74 million dollars for ALS this year. Some Israelites asked “how can we do this for a jewish charity”?

    Thought of the day:

    100,000 person mikveh challenge.

    Do it for a good jewish charity. One that serves ALL jews.

    Try Hadassa or maybe Mazon. Surely there are more.

    Not only could we raise money, it would spread yiddishkeit.

    Target audience: reform and other jews lost to lost jewish ways.

    Neat way to meet the orthodox.

    Neater way to improve tzedakah and yiddishkeit.

    Now THAT would be Feel Good Judaism!

  34. Many comments. Many opinions. As soon as we have Daas Torah (even some) who stand behind the new “methods” mentioned in this letter I am all for it. I am not a leader therefore I follow my leaders. When they say Carlebach style Slichos is ok – I will go. When they say Uman is ok – I will go. When they say Ivdu es Hahsem Bsimcha means I can choose whatever I feel I need to in order to be an Eved Hashem Bsimcha – I will. Until they tell me otherwise I will follow their direction and serve my master the way they guide me.

    Be’ayma Uvi’yera means with fear and trepidation and my Avodah is to accomplish that Bsimcha Uvituv Layvov. My path is a path of happiness but my goal is to serve Hashem the way HE wants me to and not the way I WANT to.

  35. Daf Yomi was recently learning Chagiga where it clearly states that you cant have simchas Yom Tov without your spouse.
    Why dont they consider shalom bais to be more important than a segulah?

  36. BS”D

  37. Dear Worried Jew,

    You are right to be worried. Most of the comments responding to your plaint are so off the mark. They completely don’t get it. Unfortunately, we are hanging on to our Mesorah by the thinnest of threads.

    True, all Jews are good, ALL JEWS. However, not everything that Jews do is good, and not everything that Jews do qualifies as Judaism.

    Where to begin? How can I explain it? Hmmmmm.
    Okay, let me give it a try. Every Jew is a designated servant of Hashem, and performance of this service ought to bring a Jew the greatest joy, because he has fulfilled the purpose for which he was created. A Non-Jew is not the designated servant of Hashem and therefore it is impossible for a non-Jew to delight in the service of Hashem, because this will not fulfill the purpose for which he was created. That is why we make the Brocha, She-lo Aw-sa-nee Goy, to thank Hashem for appointing us to glorify Him.

    Read carefully now: ANYTHING A GOY CAN DO IS BY DEFINITION NOT JUDAISM!. A Gentile can be a fine decent respectable human being, and as such ought to be treated with dignity as befits a noble creation of Hashem. But a Gentile can never, ever be a chosen servant of Hashem; that position is reserved for Jews alone.

    Now what remains is to define precisely what is meant by serving Hashem. That is very difficult to do. It is much easier to state what is unequivocally , not serving Hashem. The pursuit of personal physical gratification is the equivalent of worshiping one’s self. It is not the worship of Hashem. Contrariwise, enduring physical discomfort and hardship in the pursuit of glorifying the name of Hashem, IS the very essence of Divine worship.

    Now what about “fun”? Can that be Divine worship? Well, it depends, sort of. If the primary intent of the activity it to glorify Hashem, than the fact that it is also “fun” is a gift from Hashem to those who serve Him. As it is written, “D’rocheho darkay no-am.”

    But if one’s primary intent is to have a good time, then the fact that incidentally a Mitzvah happens to performed at the same time, does not imbue the activity as a valid Divine worship.

    You see, a goy also knows how to have a good time; but he is unfortunately unable to be considered a servant of Hashem. That role has been delegated to the Jew.

    I agree with you Worried Jew. There is so much to say about this subject, and I can write volumes propounding your view, but alas, nowadays most people have the attention span of a flea and all communication among humanity has become limited to that which can be contained in a tweet.

    The above is admittedly an oversimplification of a complex issue. I hope I could do your cause justice in this comparatively short message.

  38. Dear Worried Jew,
    Please take care of your very own problems first & don’t forget the Possuk “Chanoch Lnaar al Pi Darkoi”

  39. Dear “worried Jew”.

    I can assume you are a litvak. Beautiful. I am sure that you are devoted to your litvishe mesorah and that you serve Hashem in the way that you were brought up to. I can also assume that you learn and respect the words of, Mesillas Yesharim, one of the most standard and serious mussar sefarim of all time. In it the ramchal writes (end of the first perek), that the whole point of life is to connect with Hashem. “And anything that a person can think will bring him closer to this connection, he must run toward and grab on to with all his might.” Obviously, the Ramchal is not saying that if we think standing on our heads gets us closer, that is what we should do. He is saying that within the framework of Judaism, there are many ways of connecting. Whatever a person’s nature pulls him toward that falls within the framework of true Torah Judaism, then that is what he shall pursue.

    Today, thatere are many factions of yiddishkeit, a phenomenom built into our essence, beginning with the 12 shevatim and their separate degalim and strengths. Litvaks place an emphasis on learning. chassidim place an emphasis on davening. The mussar movement puts an emphasis on introspection. Breslovers put an emphasis on talking privately with Hashem and staying happy. Sefardim say long selichos with much shofar blowing. Lubavitch reaches out to save Jews who don’t even know who they are. We have been in exile for 2,000 years. We are so broken, so battered. Isnt it astoundingly beautiful that the Jewish nation still lives on, and tries to serve Hashem in the best way they know how? Is it our job to judge or love? Is it our job to condemn or to respect? We are right before Rosh Hashana. If we can’t focus on our own good despite our rampant ills, how will we gain merit in the eyes of the accusing angels. My sweetest friend, hate gets us nowhere. Lets all serve Hashem together, even though we may be separate. Lets all learn to live and love and ring others up by focusing on their strengths rather than their faults. We are hanging off a cliff, but each of us has found his own rope to hold on to, even though in the greater picture, they are each separate strands of the same rope. the rope of avodas Hashem. Mi K’amcha Yisrael!!!

    To all my brothers and friends, chassidim, sefardim, and litvaks alike: I wish you the most wonderful and uplifting yom tov.

  40. although all true, I believe its a very very small portion of the entire klal, most do go to their shuls and yeshivos or rebbes, and really elevate themselves during the yomim norim thousands go to shiurem give millions away to tzedaka mi kamcha yisroel

  41. In other words “Worried Jew” 1) As far as I You’re not a Rov or Rosh Yeshiva that’s in charge of any segment of Klal Yisroel
    2) come out to the field of Kiruv Kroivim , like I am in , & we’ll see if you’ll still dare to open your mouth RE: The methods of Hatzalas N’Foshois.
    Of course we’re C’V telling anyone that’s BS’D making it w/ the Derech HaM’soiroh” , to try new d’rochim , but b’noigeiah to people did not make it w/ the standard mold of the Mesorah , we got try ANYTHING , within the lines of Halacha to save them…….CHANOCH L’NAAR AL PI DARKOI”

  42. In other words “Worried Jew” 1) As far as I know You’re not a Rov or Rosh Yeshiva that’s in charge of any segment of Klal Yisroel
    2) come out to the field of Kiruv Kroivim , like I am in , & we’ll see if you’ll still dare to open your mouth RE: The methods of Hatzalas N’Foshois.
    Of course we’re not C’V telling anyone that’s BS’D making it w/ the Derech HaM’soiroh” , to try new d’rochim , but b’noigeiah to people did not make it w/ the standard mold of the Mesorah , we got try ANYTHING , within the lines of Halacha to save them…….CHANOCH L’NAAR AL PI DARKOI”

  43. #8 how about naming ONE chumra and restriction that was invented in recent years.

    (Every one is of vintage ,even if only practicedin the past by a minority)

    Would you care to familiarize yourself with the many that have been neglected or dropped?

    #9,#57 etc.,

    These methods might well be useful for some youth and others,but could you deny that for so many they’re
    (another form of) cop out ?


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