The Matzav Shmoooze: Fed Up


fiveishDear Editor,

I fully understand the need to try to get people to enter a site to raise funds, get new customers, etc. I feel it is very annoying while going through news articles and seeing in almost every article the famous singer making hand and facial movements non stop.

This is the second time I’ve been annoyed with Oorah’s way of advertising, and you should know it effects my thoughts and frequency of reviewing articles in Matzav. It’s enough. This ad has been around for a while and it is time to have it removed.

Thank you.

Jacob Lowenthal

Retired CPA and an honorary officer of Khal Adath Jeshurun

New York City, NY

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  1. Thank you HeChaver Jacob Lowenthal. I just have one question of you!
    OOrah’s FIVEish agatates you but Lipa’s ad doesn’t. Just his movements – just the movements – are so diminutive and repulsive. They are outright annoying! He is raising money too! No? Just the difference is he is in it for himself while OOrah is in it to save Jewish lives lost from Judaism.
    May I suggest that you reboot, reevaluate, reset! OOrah is saving us all and doing the work we all ought be doing – and many are – only they’re doing it so successfully. Let’s just overlOOk this one minor disappointment. Let’s extend them the courtesy and withhold criticism. Besides, you’ve got to admit, FIVEish is cute. And they’re coming up with rather cute KOSHER entertainment too.
    A happy and Kosher Purim to you and all Yidden.

  2. Ad Block Plus … works with most browsers and on most sites. It takes care of removing all the ads from view. I also was ready to quit visiting the site (and some others) due to the constant blinking ads. They were awful.

  3. Stop it.
    You should’ve gone to citifield and throw out your internet into the bullpen, just like everyone else in klal yisroel.
    Then you wouldn’t be annoyed.

  4. A- oorah coudn’t pay for better advertising than this post
    b – it is precisely due to the fact that you notice their ad that they do it.
    c – i run a million dollar organization and i am telling you that besides for the fact that oorah has the money to do it, they are advertising geniuses

  5. ” it effects my thoughts ”
    Actually, the word in this usage is “affects”.
    If you want to be a Yekke, you have to go all the way.

  6. number 3, “never mind”. He said he MEANS the singer.

    Why doesn’t matzav ever listen to readers feedback????? Oorah is great but the ad is annoying- take it down!!

  7. The ad has been driving me nuts too, but there’s a quick fix. Look at the top right of your browser window. Between the underline (minimize) button on the left and the “X” (close) button on the right, there’s a button with two little overlapping boxes in it. Click on that. The window will now fill only part of the screen. Use your mouse to click the title bar on top of the window and drag the browser window to the right, pushing the ad off the screen and out of sight. When you’re finished, drag the window back. There will now be a plain box in that button. Click the button again and you will get the broweer window back full-screen. I’m a Lips fan myself, but that ad is just too much.

  8. “Lipa fan,” that is. Sorry for the typo. He’s my favorite contemporary heimishe singer. (You’re too young to have heard of the other ones I like.)

  9. Have had adblock plus installed for years now on all my computers. When used computer withuot it recently, i was shocked to see how bad Matzav looks (and other sites) with all those flashing ads.

  10. I agree, the guy with the hand gestures does not reflect Torah dignity in any way shape or form. And while we are at it, I am not a fan of the Fiveish character which seems to imply that prosperity is in the hands of the perfect and not in the hands of the dignified.

  11. Leave it to this guy to get so uptight about a childish thing like this. And to the point of writing to Matzav to make your point? Are you for real?

  12. We have to appreciate the Jews of Washington Heights for being honest and candid. Sad when poeple have to act silly to get attention.

    So yes, I agree.

  13. The problem is not that this is not a funny thing which is very far from normal, but that we are showing our children at least a few very exact violations of Jewish law in the form of laughs and giggles. I think it cheapens our society and thus we are bent on other issues that effect our children’s outgrown such as their own deviation from our teachings and even perhaps in a few cases, laws of mankind which are broken resulting in our children’s mistakes that cost our communities our reputations and our lifestyle.

  14. The Lipa ad is so outrageous that it incites people to watch the ignorance of a livid mind in a Jews home. It gives little regard to Israel’s worth and if you ask me, it demonstrates the ignorance and ignominy that we see in inciteful Arabs. We should all cry out in horror and frigid shock.

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