The Matzav Shmoooze: Depictions of Obama


obama-ice-creamDear Editor, amu”sh

Like another recent ruach se’arah, the election has come and gone. Most of our kehillos were pro-Romney, and his loss is a bitter disappointment. But Obama is the president, and it looks like he’ll be keeping his shteller for the next four years. So I’d suggest you stop depicting him in insulting ways in your news items. Criticism is one thing, but leitzonus is another.

And despite the many blessings of living in this medinah shel chesed, it would be wise to remember that we’re still in golus.


Dovid Sears
Midwood, Brooklyn

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  1. This is a free country Matzav is allowed to write anything what they want,There is something called Freedom of speech. If anything Matzav is the most honest and accurate Frum news site there is. There was absolutely no leitzonus ever about Obama.

  2. Very True. I was also upset about this. especially the comments on the first Matzav article mentioning Obama won. people reacted like it was a terrible tragedy and the world was going to end. thank you Matzav for publishing this.

  3. As long as its not personal, I don’t have a problem with a little “leitzanus”. I don’t see you self righteous people upset about the vile things said about Bl$$mberg! He IS our Mayor (nebach). Why is this any different? Huh?

  4. Personally, I am saddened to see a Torah organization depict a constitutionally acceptable president so often as the bad guy on the presses online. But I have gained that that is the times we live. So I will put my 2 cents in whenever I see an egregious violation of our Jewish law and vision online.

  5. Your President, O’Bama, is the Trillion Dollar president; The One followed by lots and lots of zeros. Also remember, you are in Galut of your own free will. You have the choice to stay in America and go down with it or come home and begin being a real Jew.

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  7. It’s true that Matzav has free press and can do and say whatever they want. However, if they want to present themselves as an intelligent, reliable news source, they should publish their views in writing, not by displaying ridiculous pictures next to the article titles, which is childish and immature, and not befitting the caliber of individuals who run and read this site.

  8. WE don’t even know for sure that Romney would be good and either way Obama is the president and we should make the best out of it
    why would he help the jews/israel is we are sitting here makinf fun of him??????

  9. Where we have real differences with the President on policy, and there are many, we should present them in the ways, in the places, and at the times we’d benefit most.

  10. everyone should be aware of 2 messages from Hashem about obama

    1) President Barack (Husaine) Obama is what we need for moshiach to come. You see before Moshiach comes the whole entire world is going to be against Israel & the jews. Now, you can’t just have President Bush & the United States go against Israel, you need a Muslim i.e. Bnei Yishmael to rule America & THEN go against Israel. The way Judaism works is that if your mother is jewish then you are jewish. Muslims are just the opposite, if your father is Muslim then you are a Muslim & that is what Barack Obama is. (a Muslim from his fathers side) Now with America under Muslim/Bnei Yishmael rulership Moshiach can come.

    2)President Barack (Husaine) Obama is the 44th President of the USA. The numerical value of his last name is 44. The 44th word in the Torah is Choshech (shvartz). It says the word Eved (servant) 44 times in the torah & the numerical value of Dam (Bloodshed) is also 44. Now we can & should get ready for the Bloodshed of Milchemes Gog U’Magog before Mashiach comes. Hold yourselves in as he negotiates with terrorists, as the relationship between Israel & America is slowly separating (in president Obama’s inauguration speech he welcomed in every terrorist country from Iraq to Iran etc… & told them if you join America & expand the land then we will assist you in all our programs AKA Social Security, Medicaid, HUD Foodstamps etc…)

    these 2 messages clearly help you understand the other side of the story (Hashems side) & might help you realize how he is the Shliach of Hashem to Bring the USA (a christian country) into the hands of a muslim aka bnei yishmael (who will be the last to fight klal yisroel before Mashiach comes)

    make no mistake i voted for Romney today & was hoping obama loses but based on Obama’s Mission as a shliach for Hashem, it doesn’t surprise me that he won ( i.e. a child/talmid never questions his parents/rebbe cause he trusts them & knows his/her parents/rebbe would only do what best for them)

    BOTTOM LINE:save yourself now before the USA is completely destroyed & bankrupt. go now to eretz yisroel & don’t wait until your holding in poverty C”V go now with what still remains with you.

  11. #6:
    Sorry to disagree with you, but yes, Obama’s reelection is a terrible tragedy for the United States of America. This country cannot survive another four years of this. Obama is piling on the debt like there’s no tomorrow and acts as if we just keep raising the “debt ceiling” – which, as has been noted, should really be called “deepening the debt pit” – everything will be fine.

    Besides throwing the economy down the tubes, Obama is fanning the flames of class warfare wherever and whenever he can. It was a brilliant strategy for reelection, but it is ripping the country apart. He is also undeniably anti-Israel, and more than anyone else on the face of the planet he has enabled Iran to just about go nuclear.

    So yes, the reelection of Obama, while not the end of the world, is signaling the end of the US as we know it. Wake up.

  12. While I am certainly no big fan of the President, I don’t understand why everyone complains about his raising the debt when under Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II the debt went up far more, and hardly anyone said anything.

  13. Following are percentage changes in the debt by president since Carter.

    Carter 42.3%
    Reagan 188.6%
    Bush 55.6%
    Clinton 35.8%
    Bush 89.0%
    Obama 41.4%


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