The Matzav Shmoooze: Bring Back Dr. Baxi


babyDear fellow Yidden (from Lakewood, Brooklyn, Monsey, Williamsburg, Monroe and beyond) who have been affected by the following recent upheaval:

Many women experience a high risk pregnancy and therefore need to secure a caring doctor who is both experienced and confident to manage their pregnancy, pre-natal and post-partum. A high risk pregnancy is compounded by the fact that subsequent pregnancies can be even more riskier than the earlier ones.

Dr. Baxi, a well known OBGYN affiliated with Columbis Presbytarian Hospital, has been servicing the needs of our communities for decades. She has done so with utmost care, dedication, sensitivity, and most of all – EXPERTISE.

A week ago, the higher-ups at Columbia dropped a bombshell on Dr. Baxi’s practice by stripping her of all GYN patients which limits her entire practice to the annual OB appointments and the like. No more deliveries, no more bedside TLC, no more confidence and high risk experience, no more of the name we have all come to trust.

It’s hard to speculate if this move is politically motivated or a power struggle of some sort, but ultimately, her patients are absorbing the brunt of this sudden demotion. How can we be silent when the hospital carried out such a miscarriage of justice? Let us join hands and protest this immoral judgement that severely impacted both the esteemed doctor and her entire patient base (especially the women who are due to deliver this week).

Please keep in mind how much this affects so many families in our communities. It is worthwhile to indicate in your letters and messages how you will be loyal to Dr. Baxi and follow her wherever she continues to practice her lifesaving techniques.

Please call or write you letter of solidarity and protest for Dr. Baxi ASAP to the following people:

Steven Corwin, M.D.
CEO NY Presbyterian Hospital

Dr. Richard Leibowitz
Chief Medical Officer

Mary D’alton, M.D.
Chair Obstetrics and Gynecology

Office of Public Affairs and Media
Phone 212-305-5587
Fax 212-305-8023

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  1. She has been stripped of OB, leaving her only with annual GYN appointments – that is probably what you meant. OB appointments are not annual!

  2. Please don’t write off the hospitals reasons with “it’s hard to speculate.” If there is an alleged reason, then it IS something to be concerned about.
    Just because you are a fan and she has been good for people doesn’t put a medical professional beyond question and scrutiny. This is people’s HEALTH- don’t just assume the hospital is acting out of political motives or whatever.

  3. As per the secretary at Dr. Baxi’s office,as of this week she can no longer practice GYN either! She did not come into the office this week 🙁

  4. Sometimes this sort of situation is driven by malpractice insurance. It happens often and is not at all political, just business. Unfortunately, high risk doctors are high risk to insure.

  5. Just curious how this post makes it onto Matzav? I for one have never heard of this Dr. so I cannot offer any opinion on her. However, I am sure many wonderful and great Drs have had issues with their employers and this is not a first time. why is this more important then others?

    Also, with wonderful Mosdos like Bonei Olam and A Time out there did anyone check with them if they agree with this writers assessment? Maybe if we all start writing letters then this hospital – a great one it is – will become frustrated with our community and this will cause many people more Tzoros then good.

    It seems irresponsible to post this unless it has been confirmed with those in the know that we should be doing this.

    As well, did anyone speak with the amazing Mrs. Doris Rotschild who has helped thousands of Yidden in this hospital to see if she agrees with this writer and if she agrees with the idea we flood them with letters?

    Did anyone first check with all of those amazing referral organizations who have also helped thousands of Yidden get into top doctors and get the help they need to see if these organizations agree with this?

    It is foolish and irresponsible to all of klal Yisroel worldwide to cause a stir that will effect the health of our brothers and sisters who turn to this great hospital in their time of need.

    Let’s think big before we act small!

  6. For a hospital to take such a drastic move with no advance warning indicates that something probably happened to necessitate this action. Before we launch a letter writing campaign we should get a little more information. If we want the hospital to take the needs of our community seriously, we can’t waste their time on a situation where their very actions might be to protect us and our unborn children!

  7. I had triplets under her care in 1999 and she was amazing, calm, realistic, not anxiety provoking at all…when I gave birth early she was paged in the middle of the night and came right away….I made her and the residents all say a perek of tehillim with me and she thought it was great! This is a big loss, she has treated many orthodox women with complicated issues. If anyone knows why please let us in on it.

  8. I spoke with her personally. My wife and I were very close to her. She was an amazing Doctor. We spoke to her twice over the past two weeks. It had nothing to do with malpractice. The hospital just did not like her, because she wanted to do things in her own way. She said that she is working on getting a practice in a different hospital, although it takes time. She is going to be missed by thousands of patients.

  9. Dr. Baxi is a very exceptional doctor. She was very good to me during my very complicated pregnancy. I spoke with Mr. Doris Rothschild and she said that it’s awful that Dr. Baxi can’t practice at Columbia anymore. She was upset that the hospital just let her go suddenly and didn’t let her deliver her existing patients.

    Tina, the nurse at Dr. Baxi’s office, said that hospital policy is that if you are over 70 you can’t practice, and she is over 70 (but has lots of energy and is totally on the ball).

    She will be missed.

  10. First of all thank you for posting this. It saved my wife and probobly many others from driving to our next appintment to find this out. Because no one let us know that this hapened.
    It has nothing to do with her being 70 years old. The hospital just did not like her. She did things her way (the right way) and wasnt ready to take on new rules from new young staff. She had more energy than any other doctor 30 years younger than her. (I guess green tea corn muffin and bananas is the way to go) I could not keep up with her 2 years ago as she was running through the hospital halls to get to delivery room. You cant find a doctor that cares more for her patients than she does.

    Its my hope that the same way she has been the sheliach from H-ashem to help soooo many people from monsey lakewood monroe and boro bork and every where else she should quikly find a new Hospital to be able to work out of.

  11. I got a call from the hospital that my appointment was cancelled when asked why they just said she is no longer with them and they can help me reschedule with another dr

  12. I never recovered from a csection like I did with dr baxi!! Dr baxis experience and skill cannot compare to any other dr out there!! I hope to hear that she is working in another hospital soon!!

  13. please stop sending letters to the upper
    Dr. baxi told a patient today that this article is hurting her. and her negotiations with her lawyers and the hospital lawyers
    I think this article should be taken off
    and YES ALOT of yiddisha mothers miss her I cannot imagine any other doctor 🙁

  14. I’ll follow Dr. Baxi where ever she goes. Even if it means hiring her for a home birth. She is an AMAZING Doctor and Woman. Shame on Columbia for trying to streamline to appease insurance companies. Dr. Baxi has real life experience working with women and families to do what is best for them, not what’s best for insurance companies…tsk tsk

  15. There is no Dr like Dr Baxi. I have known Dr Baxi for 22 years. She has delivered 4 kids. My oldest daughter 21 goes to her & loves her as a Dr & a role model. Dr Baxi is an amazing human being who has dedicated 35 years of her life to her patents & hospital. Ilove Dr Baxi.

  16. Please do not send letters to the upper bec who do we think we are to think we know the entire story with her!! yes you might have had the amazing birth experience and the most amazing dr BUT for good reasons she can NOT practice anymore!

    And for the record who put out this letter? who says that this is the right thing to do?! bec its absolutely NOT!!

  17. As I read this article, I look at my son who is almost one and I think of how compassionate Dr. Baxi was throughout my difficult birth and how the outcome was a positive one. To see my son smile means everything to me and Dr. Baxi is directly related to this outcome, she helped me give birth and saved both of our lives. If that doesn’t mean anything to the other people writing negative comments or to the hospital’s higher-ups, then I don’t know what matters to them. It saddens my heart. Bring Dr. Baxi back!

  18. as a patient of Dr Baxi I am very saddened by this event. I had only wonderful experience with her as the time and effort to work with us thru delivery was amazing she sat with us thru the whole thanksgiving holiday just that I would be able to deliver naturally even though the time it took would of made any doctor enforce us to do c section or to induce to early,

  19. There is no doubt that this is a HUGE loss for patients , the hospital and Dr Baxi. There is also NO doubt that Columbia acted inappropriately. The reason is her way which included private practice, as she was the only doc left on private duty and did not participate in the group practice other than to use them for back-up on the rare occasion when she was not able to work. She worked longer and harder hours and spent more time educating students than all the doctors in the group practice. Several years ago I was aware of the group practice trying to convince Dr Baxi to retire.Obviously, this is how they got their way and shame on them for it.


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