The Matzav Shmoooze: Baseball On Shabbos


baseballDear readers,

I would like to inform you of a potential michshal that many Yidden may commit this coming MotzoeiShabbos.

This Motzoei Shabbos, the New York Yankees will be playing in Seattle. Since Seattle is behind the eastern time zone, the game will be played on Shabbos. Even after our Shabbos is over, the problem is that the woman announcer is Jewish, which may make it assur to listen until after Shabbos is over for her.

The tzad to be mattir is that she does not do play-by-play and some find her to be annoying or not adding anything to the broadcast, so if one is not having hanaah, it may be okay.

I asked the Skverer Dayan in Lakewood and he felt it is a problem.

K. G.


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  2. #4 when you graduate first grade, one day you will learn halacha and realize that your comment has little halachic basis. You will also learn that yelling doesnt make people listen to you any better. All the best! Enjoy 2nd grade its a lot of fun

  3. it assur gomur to follow sports. Ke’vsayochol the shechina cries when a yid get happy from simchas hagoyim. We are in golus! (see beginning of Midrash Eicha)

  4. I’ve heard (on Frumteens) that Rav Schwab wouldn’t tell people not to go to sporting events because they wouldn’t accept it, but instead advised people to build up their children to the point where they’ll decide themselves to avoid it. many people wont yet listen if you say listening to baseball game sis assur completely, so at least they shouldn’t be over something they are ready to fulfill.

  5. To #4: As far as I can tell there is no mention of cheering or complimenting in this article, only listening to a game which would present only the issur discussed. I hope you enjoyed your venting.

  6. so just watch the game on the YES network

    Micael Kay and neither is Ken Singleton, Paul O’neill or David Cone,,,,

  7. FYI John sterlings real name is Harry moscovitz. He is Jewish from birth so the same issur would go for listening to him as well.

  8. how is it that dozens of comments in, nobody mentioned that people in eretz yisroel face this issue all the time. what if one is in eretz yisroel and wants to watch a game on what is yom yov sheni shel galyos? is it mutar?

  9. #23
    there are 3 interpretations of lo sichanem in the gemara
    1) matnas chinam not supposed to give gifts
    2) chaniya b’karka–not supposed to sell land in eretz yisrael
    3) lo siten l’hem chen

  10. with a name like david cohn… i assume he is jewish!!… this post is 100 percent called for. whether or not one should or shouldnt follow sports isnt the issue here, hilchos shabbos is. kol hakovod

  11. I’ve got nothing against baseball. In fact, I’ve been known to play it myself, strictly amateur and for fun. I’m not too keen on watching other people play, but I understand that some folks really enjoy it. The question here is not one of “Are sports ever permissible.” The question is, “Is it allowed to watch _this_ particular game? If there really is an issue of Shabbos, couldn’t people forego this one game? After all, if you’re online to read this you can be online to watch the videos on sports news the next day. Come on, it’s only one game. Best thing to do – ask your Rav what he thinks you should do. He probably knows a lot more halacha than those of us posting here 🙂

  12. Who cares about Baseball? It’s such a slow boring game. You’ve got to start listening/watching to the NBA! It’s looking good for Miami now. YES!!!

  13. the rav probably holds that its assur to listen to baseball altogether and ur a little too late for this they played them last motzei shabbos

  14. many included me didnt know that she is jewish and i listen to every game. thanx for this helpful post. However this is a week late because N.Y. played Seattle last week

  15. SOLUTION: Get one goy to tell another goy to set your tivo to tape the game. Then wait bichday sheyaasu and watch it! Shvus Dishvus-problem solved!

  16. I like how you are saying it’s assur to listen on shabbos, yet apparently you hold it is mutar to speak lashon hara about this same Jewish announcer. Disgraceful

  17. The other Yankee announcer is named John Sterling (Theeeeeeeeeee worst announcer in baseball. His real name is Harry Moskowitz. Yes, he’s Jewish. So the issur would extend to him as well.

    And Mets fans aren’t in luck either, as their lead radio announcer Howie Rose is also Jewish.

  18. #22 not everyone has a tomahvision

    Also What about if there are jewish players that are being michalel shabbos not announcers

    Finally to #4 and all those who are saying sports are assur bchlal wheres your basis find me a halacha or something or are you a rav thats paskining

  19. I don’t know why you would follow the Yankees, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying the American past time. It beats drugs and alcohol, surfing the web for all types of horrid things, lert them enjoy some good hometown baseball

  20. There is a famous posuk in Devarim in which the non-Jews look at us and say “Rak Am chacham v’navon haGoy haGadol hazeh”. Each time we write an article, post something, etc, we should ask if our expressed concerns, comments etc would evoke this response in the non-Jewish world, and, l’havdil – in the non-observant Jewish world.

  21. As far as the haluchu is concerned i know when i used to listen to the israeli short wave radio here on america a competent rabbi told me, its a problem haveing hanuih from chilul shabis, haveing from a yid doing a issur is a issur, and so this posting is making a great point. Now To commentaier numb. 6 there is no probleim to spell wrong its not an issue with matzaev so why are you so concerned about it? Is it becaus that its the only thing you did well in, at school, i for one are a bad spelleir, and couldn’t care lesss so why do you care, i guess for yourself you could care but not your business every1 else! We will not go back to grade school becaus it doesent bother us, why does it bother you though? Mind your own busines

  22. It really depends who is pitching. And of course, what happens if Jeter is close to # 3000? Can one be maikel in those situations?

  23. Would the “poster” please ask the Rov what extra “chilul shabbos” is there by us turning on the radio? She is talking into a microphone whether we are listening or not.

  24. I asked a talmud muvhak of the shmiras shobbas kihilchasa about this and he said in says in the shmiras shobbas kihilchasa 31 72 a similar sheila about a phone call from a non religous person in israel that its shobbas for him and friday afternoon for you its assur for you to talk to him.
    Also the yankees played the mariners last week the same problem comes up this motzai shobbas when there playing the angels 900 here 6 there.

  25. To commenter #47 well I think its bad midos to misspell and not put commas and periods in the right. Because people have to work longer to figure out whats being said. But the commentar at #6 seems a little nostalgic with his obsessive criticizim, farsheiming commentar #4 pretty badly.


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