The Matzav Shmoooze: A Torah View On Elections


vote-buttonDear Editor,

November 6th is a critical day for Jews and for our country. On November 6th, we will choose a human being to lead our country. We will also decide the security of Israel. We will decide if the issues contrary to Torah values should be allowed or banned.

The choice is clear who to vote for.

The president continues to ignore Iran and does nothing about the nuclear facilities they have. The Torah tells us that if someone is going to kill you, then you should kill him first. Imagine if Adolf Hitler yemach shemom was murdered before 1935. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is another Hitler. As the prime mionister of Israel said, “Given this record of Iranian aggression without nuclear weapons, just imagine Iranian aggression with nuclear weapons.”

How can a religious Jew vote for President Obama and Joe Biden, despite the fact that both men are opposed to some of the Torah’s most basic moral values?

The calls from the president to Israel that put our brethren at risk are outrageous and must stop. The president has spoken negatively about the prime minister of Israel with other world leaders. Imagine what will happen after the elections if he wins. Going back to the 1967 borders would leave certain areas of Israel with a 10-mile space, surrounded by hostile countries. That’s suicide. The chillul Hashem if they win again will be enormous. And we know that it is very difficult to earn teshuvah for chillul Hashem.

Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l preached that a Jewish vote must remain loyal to the candidate whose values are more in line with basic fundamentals of morality. This year, the choice is clear. The president continues to ignore our brothers in suffering, notably Jonathan Pollard, who was not permitted to go to his father’s funeral and is himself very sick; Jacob Ostreicher, who is currently imprisoned in Bolivia; and Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, who has been handed a 27 year sentence. Maybe Romney will look over these cases and they will receive some help, President Obama definitely won’t help them.

There are those who might say that Rav Avigdor Miller was the minority opinion and make note that Rav Moshe Feinstein and other gedolim voted Democratic because they saw the Democratic Party as more sympathetic to schools and other institutions. The talmidim of Rav Moshe say that they firmly believe Rav Moshe would not permit any Jew to vote for the Democratic Party of today. After all, the Democratic Party in the previous generation was not radical like it is today.  Today, the Democratic Party fights for the promotion of the immoral behavior itself.

Klal Yisroel must unite as one, like one man with one heart, and vote for the right person not who we feel is right, but the one who fits to the Torah the most.

If Obama gets reelected, then we are allowing same gender marriages, which is completely contrary to Torah values. Get involved in the election. Donate money. Tell your friends and neighbor what the right thing to do is. This is crucial. This election will have ramifications that will be felt for generations to come.

November 6th will not only be a historic election for America, but also for the Orthodox Jews of America. So when you’re standing in the polling booth, don’t vote your opinion. Vote for who Hashem wants.


A Proud Jew

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  1. Mr. Proud Jew takes the correct position, but this isn’t well-written and doesn’t make the case nearly as well as he could (and should._)

  2. Actually, by voting we are only doing hishtadlus. We are not choosing or deciding anything. I agree with the sentiments of who to vote for, for the reasons stated, but we should not think Israel’s security rests on who the president is for the next four years.

  3. i watch & await as it gets closer & closer to see the true yad Hashem who HASHEM CHOOSES to lead the USA into going against Israel

    (as Hashem said it will happpen-no matter who is president-before mashiach comes. open up a sefer of zecharia Hanavi & see for yourself a complete list of many tragic events that Hashem said will happen before mashiach comes. this is one of them i.e. the entire world including the USA going against am yisroel & bringing milchemes gog umagog upon klal yisroel)

    lets all daven & yearn with our hearts that Mashiach comes ASAP

  4. Plenty of good religious Jews vote for Obama.

    Mr Proud Jews feeble attempt to repackage gedolim opinions from 30 years ago rings hollow. Please dont paraphrase Gedolim who are no longer with us to suit your own agenda.

    Im voting for Romney, for many other reasons you didnt mention and certainly not because you told me that I should…

  5. Agree with Ben Torah.

    Additionally, cities in America, many of whose residents receive a tremendous amount of government help and funding will almost surely continue to vote for Obama, despite his being an Arab, a Jew-hater, an open foe of Israel, and a terrible leader.

    It always comes down to the fact that the dollar is holier and more important than all other issues, and whichever candidate promises more government help to the low-income population, will get their vote.

    Romney, who preaches less government, will most likely curtail some government programs – which will ultimately hurt many of the residents of these cities.

    The dollar trumps most other issues at every turn, and it is almost certain that the majority of cities will vote for Hussein Obama.

    Irrespective of the fact that in a second term, Hussein Obama will have no qualms about forcing Israel back to 1967 borders, refusing to push on Iran, being Machnif the arabs – all these issues become completely unimportant as long as the HUD and WIC dollars keep flowing freely.

    Such a shame…

  6. lets take a step and look at this with out being bias.during obma presidentcy no war happened in in isral and isral dinnt give away anyh land .during bush they fought 2 wars and gave away gaza. bush wasnt willing to sell isral bunker buster obma did. obma all gives benfits that help pepole learn in kollel

  7. It is a hilul HaShem when a Jew votes for a candidate who supports same gender marriage such as President Obama. This tells the world Has veShalom that Jews don’t have good morals. Lets vote our values as Jews supporting traditional morality. Kol haKavod to “A Proud Jew” for your editorial.

  8. All this proud Jew is trying to say is that even if ur not holding in the aspects of the running u shud still vote for Romney bec you are a Jew and u have to stand up for Eretz Yisrael.

  9. What a terrible shame that so many frum yidden on government programs will vote for Hussein Obama. When the bomb is developed and will CV be used , millions of people can perish in a split moment. Will they then have time to think ” why did I vote for OBAMA “. Yes there is an abishter, but WE MUST DO OUR HISHTADLUS.The world is changing so rapidly, and you must look beyond your daled amos. COme On Yidden , do the right thing, think of all of Klal Yisroel and the world !

  10. “Rav Moshe Feinstein and other gedolim voted Democratic because they saw the Democratic Party as more sympathetic to schools and other institutions”.
    I don’t know if it’s true that the Gedolim voted Democrat or not, but I do know that its completely false that democrats are more sympathetic to schools a other institutions.
    Regarding private schools, democrats are clearly against them. Everyone knows that the democratic party are very anti any funding for private schools. Regarding public schools, democrats are strongly backed by the unions. Since the public school system is controlled by the unions, any changes to improve the public system is blocked by the unions. The end result is: the failing public system is caused in (major) part by the unions, which in turn has the backing of the democrats. To sum it up – democrats refuse to improve the public school system out of fear of the unions.

    Just for the record: any attempts by republicans to institute “school choice” (where the parents have complete choice of which school to send their children – government funded) is completely vetoed by the democrats.
    So you go figure – who cares more about education!

  11. Mr. Eliezer:

    Please advise your colleagues who you believe will not see past their pockets, that all the government handouts be worthless when they herded into the concentration camps.

    It is no secret that the Jewish community was certain that such a thing could never happen in an enlightened German society. Remember that it all began with one kook with a silver tongue and not much more. Sound familiar?

  12. There are many many good reasons to be voting for Governor Romney over the sitting President. One is not, as #7 said, that he is an Arab, since that is completely untrue. Putting aside the whole muslim debate, there is no way to suggest that the sitting president is an Arab. When people say things that are so completely untrue, they are liable to cause some people who read what they say to completely discount everything, even the important things. And for Yidden, there is a potential to cause a Chilul Hashem, if someone were to think that either yidden are spreading lies on purpose or that yidden aren’t smart enough to see through obvious falsehoods. Beware, friend.


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