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sportsDear Editor,

On a daily basis, I, like many others, get my news from frum kosher sites like Matzav and others. I am happy not to have to visit websites that are not designed for the frum reader. However, being one who likes to read up on happenings in sports, I am dismayed that sites like Matzav do not have a section with reports and updates on professional sports.

I understand that sports is not a Jewish thing, but there are many out there like me who “follow sports” on some level, and a kosher sports section on a frum website would allow me to read what I want to read without having to frequent secular websites. I could then stay on frum websites throughout the week.

I believe you should seriously consider making this addition to your site and others to theirs.


F. Rubin


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  1. I hate to say this, as I am as guilty of this as others, but a sports section on Matzav would in no way, shape or form keep me off of the other sports sites. And I don’t think that too many sports fans will feel differently than I do. Therefore, there is nothing to be gained by adding it here, and it is better to just keep Matzav purely about news that is nogea to us.

  2. I am in no way completely against the following of sports, but Matzav is here to provide us with the news from the Jewish world, and does not have to open up the world of sports to the public, especially since many people are not involved in it. There is nothing inherently wrong with following it, but that doesn’t give a reason to PROMOTE it, and by matzav posting information about it, they would in essence be promoting it in some way.

  3. This shmooze comes down to the question: Is supposed to replace or complement goyishe websites?

  4. Number6 you picked the JACKPOT question.
    A column on the right/left hand side can post the scores of the games that will accomplish a goal for some.

  5. #10 did you really never hear of sandy koufax and how he was mekadish shem shemayim in the whole world when i was a teenager. besides him look into the jewish sports hall of fame. also there is currently a former football player that is being mekarav.

  6. I understand that sports is not a Jewish thing, but there are many out there like me who “follow sports” on some level, and, a kosher sports section on a frum website ……

    The irony here makes me want to vomit. Mr Rubin freely admits that sports is NOT a jewish thing, but he wants Matzav to make it Kosher.

    Uugggghhh. Phew.

    Please Matzav. If you are the Torah’dig website you portray yourself to be, please don’t serve us kosher shrimp and bacon.

  7. Just do it yourself. Call it Why do people keep telling everyone else to do stuff? You think their is a tzorech, do it yourself.

  8. It’s not too far of a leap to think that posting sports scores would be out of line. One only has to look at the top current stories to see a story on the mayor of Chicago, Donald Trump not running for President, etc. While these stories can effect frum Yidden, it’s clear that this is much different from stories on yartziets, Rabbeim who have been neifter, etc.
    That said, I don’t think this is the appropriate venue for sports information. Going to a site that offers the scores will little chance of seeing unkosher pictures (I will often go to mobile sites of the big websites–like or is probably a better alternative.

  9. If you want to follow Kosher Sports, why not check out the Orthodox Bungalow Baseball League’s website. It’s wholesome, promotes shmiras haGuf, and is the largest league of its kind in the world.

  10. Sports is not a harmless passtime like gardening or bicycling. Sports is a relection of what the society around us idolizes and epitomizes. You can be a decadent morally repugnant individual but you are a national hero who’s opinion actually carries weight with the masses because your steroid powered physical capabilities are idolized. Although there are many far worse things for people to be involved and addicted to, sports is not some neuteral pastime- it is something that goes against the grain of what the Torah stands for. It is perfectly acceptable for matzav to post news items for people to read for enjoyment and knowledge of ongoing world events. It is not acceptable to give credence to something that is inherently not Torahdig. Please consult your local Rabbi as to wether following sports is halachikly permitted on an individual basis, but it certainly has no place on this website. By the way I and other kids in my circle were obsessed with sports. It took me untill I was twenty to figure out that there were more meaningful things to occupy my leisure time with. It has been 1f years now and I have not looked back!

  11. Maybe that is why so many in this day are going off the derech. 30 years ago the kids who are gedolim of today ALL knew most sports, certainly baseball, quite well. It is healthy, wholesome and nothing anti Torah…..and the proof is in the pudding.

  12. Sports on the contrary to what number 17 suggests are indeed a kosher activity. You are favored by our Creator in my thoughts if you have a sports team affiliation whom you root for and enjoy. The reason for this is that our people live in freedom and prosperity. And most of this is also accentuated by the presence of sports teams. Did you think it was an accident that sports are flourishing in America. Only with the help of Hashem!
    So enjoy your sport interests. Maybe you don’t watch 24/7 but that said, be not afraid to introduce your young child to baseball cards or a pennant on his or her wall.

  13. I once thought that watching sports was completely at odds with my Jewish interests. I must say that being an avid football fan, it soon became evident through that season that I was not right and that I was indeed in a sense obligated to watch a little bit of sports. That said, the focus should not be on being peeled to the sports shows or arena, but on just being a supporting friend of the teams that you enjoy and find that you can identify. Certainly our Creator has something to do with all these sports that exist on this planet. America may be the Chosen Nation with all of its prevalent leagues and sports interests. That said, I have since thrown out this idea though I prioritize my experiences as to what I need to do, read, study etc. at the proper time. When sports ring in to my life, its time for sports. Thats how I feel. I must tell you that I am quite embarrassed as to the prevalent attitudes to sports in the ‘religious’ jewish communities. I have met children who wont talk or identify with any sports team or any sport. That is not kosher thinking considering that sports are Created by Hashem in my thoughts.

  14. I guess we’ll start Kosher bars.
    The bars will be sports bars with sporting events on TV that cut out the commercials and all pritsus.
    Bartenders will decide when to stop serving a given customer so that they aren’t oiver the sif in SH”A that says its asur to get mishtaker.
    We’ll also make sure a patron signs a waiver allowing the management to handcuff a patron to the bar to avoid drinking and driving.
    Anyone using nivel peh or speaking inappropriately will be banned.
    Tables will not allow mixed seating on account of the liquor.

  15. chas vashalom. matzav is maybe one of the only webstes left that have some hint of yidishkiet why ruin that now

  16. #11 please explain exactly HOW he was Mekadesh shem shamayim.
    Did more people go to shul because of him?
    Were people inspired to do teshuva better because of him?
    and what about his game just one week before on Rosh Hashanah!!!
    Great Kiddush Hashem! Wow! Let the whole world see!

    (we can elaborate here. If you saw Einstein, what brachah would you say? Shenosan Mecochmoso lebasar vedam? Absolutely not!
    Only for a Goy can you make this Brachah.
    Never in Judaism is there praise for anything other than excelling in Ruchniyos! For a Goy, you can praise advancement, technology, science, etc, but for a Yid? No way!)


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