The Matzav Shmoooze: A Hair Raising Menorah Lighting?!



Hi. I am a frequent visitor to your site, and choose it over other domains because I have found that your news is generally clean, opinion and bias free, and a kosher news medium in general. I

am writing to you not because I am the kind of person who likes to share my opinion on every topic. On the contrary, I do not think I have ever posted a comment or sent an email to state my opinion on any Hashkafa-related issue. I do not post this as a comment, but rather as an email, because I want something productive to come out of my statement.

My comments are regarding your headline titled “Watch: A Hair Raising Menorah Lighting.” I saw right away from the picture that it was not a headline promoting kedusha, and neither a neutral, news related headline. While I am from the younger generation (24 years old) and can understand that this is a cool — very cool!- video, I am pretty shocked that you were willing to post this for all of Klal Yisroel to see. If you are not clear on why I have an issue with it, suffice it to say that this in no way reflects the inherent kedushas hayom of these lofty days, and on Chanuka itself of all times of the year, displays our quickly dissolving understanding of the vital importance of Havdala Bein Yisroel Lo’amim.

Think of a time in life where you can feel real purity and loftiness – a chuppah, a levaya, etc. – and wouldnt think of cracking the occasional ‘OK’ joke about yiddishkeit. Would you be ok if your child showed you this video during that time?? Need I say more??? In the spirit of Kiddush Shaim Shomayim on these special days, I would think it appropriate to delete this headline from your website. I would appreciate a response, to know that my carefully formulated thoughts did not go in vain. But if that is too much to ask, just seeing this headline missing from your site would be enough for me to be comforted that a Yid understands what a Yid really is!!

Thanks for allowing us readers a chance to express our thoughts, and wishing all of Matzav staff a freilichen, kosheren Chanuka.

C. Abayev



  1. To Matzav is losing it
    There is an old saying vi es kristel zich azoi yidisht zich. Translation The way the non jewish world goes so goes the jewish world. It used to be in style of dress, types of “kosher” foods we eat, music at weddings. Now its one step further. It has always be frowned upon, but this is already beyond the pale. However in 2018 nothing surprises me anymore.

  2. Thanks C.B. Abayev for calling Matzav out on it. They are our choice news and news-worthy-story feeder and need to be scrupulous in which stories they choose!

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