The Matzav Shmoooze: 25 Days to Yom Kippur


daveningDear Editor,

There are about 25 days left to Yom Kippur.

You know why Rosh Hashana comes before Yom Kippur. You’ve heard it a million times. We need a shakeup before we shape up…

Now in my perspective, shared by those who consider themselves experts in the field, there are two primary motivations in life: PAIN and PLEASURE.

Tell me if I’m wrong but the idea of a shakeup, getting to a point where I say “Oiy Vey- I was just judged and hardly did anything about it. Better do teshuva before Yom Kippur” sounds like my motivation is the Oiy Vey- in other words PAIN.

Honestly, I don’t like PAIN.

I prefer to be motivated by the PLEASURE of knowing I did the right thing than the PAIN of knowing I need to fix up a bad thing.

And so I was wondering if perhaps there is a better way.

And then I saw a sign in Shul today that caught my attention. It said that DAF YOMI is beginning Mesechta Chagiga TODAY and finishing it MOTZAI YOM KIPPUR and I thought “this seems interesting!”

If I remember correctly, I liked Chagiga. It’s short, lomdush and speaks about the Yomim Tovim. Primarily, it speaks about the Chagiga sacrifice which we are told is how the men celebrated and enjoyed themselves over the holiday. It reflects the concept of SIMCHA/ PLEASURE- enjoying life and including Hashem in that enjoyment. Yes, I do like it!

So here is what I intend to do. I plan to learn the entire Chagiga along with Daf Yomi over the next 25 days, beginning tonight.

It’s my kabala that I’m making now.

It’s my small way of preparing for Rosh Hashana today so that I don’t say Oiy Vey on Tzom Gedalia.

Will you join me?

A Yid

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  1. No. I will not join you.

    Don’t misunderstand. I am pleased that you found YOUR way toward a productive Elul and Yomim Nora’im. However, this is not necessarily the path for others. Everyone has a unique tafkid, unique problems, unique challenges and unique talents.

    Everyone must seek his or her INDIVIDUAL process for coming closer to Hashem and becoming stronger in his or her Avodah.


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