The Lakewood Vaad Responds to the State’s Proposed Draconian Budget Cuts to the Lakewood School District (Sign Petition Here)


Following the State of New Jersey’s proposal to significantly cut funding to the Lakewood School District due to a $15 million budget deficit, The Lakewood Vaad released a statement voicing strong opposition to the proposal:

“We are extremely troubled at the prospect of Lakewood children once again being made victims of a broken and unjust school funding formula. The proposed cuts would force the District to fire as much as 20% of its public school teachers, as well as eliminate vital recreational and extracurricular programs.

“Every child deserves a quality, wholesome education that gives him or her the chance to develop into a healthy, independent and productive adult. There is no way that this can provided with overflowing classrooms and a lack of outlets for them to positively channel their energy.  

“The Lakewood Vaad stands in solidarity with Lakewood’s public school students, parents and faculty members. We will utilize all the resources we possibly can to ensure that these proposed cuts do not materialize. We will continue working with legislators and State government officials to fix the broken school funding formula, which shortchanges all children in our District and which now threatens the public school kids.  

“Nothing affects change in government more than a powerful voice at the mass grassroots level. We urge all Lakewood citizens to sign the petition urging our elected officials to take meaningful action. (SIGN PETITION HERE) We look forward to the day when State funding for Lakewood’s children will be in line with the funding that children in other New Jersey school districts receive – restoring to them the future that is their right.”



  1. Does the fact that Governor Christie has an animosity to Lakewood VAAD have anything to do with the crisis.
    The VAAD refused to endorse Christie for Governor and even refused to meet with him.

  2. Back in the 1980’s we walked to school. Today’s kids have no concept of walking 5 blocks sometimes 6 if something was going on. Lakewoo forget the buses and walk. Lakewoode is safe. The Politicalcos are buying your vote please don’t give it away.

    • You’re funny! Lakewood then was a fraction of the size it is today, and students sometimes – often – live very far from their schools. Also, safety is a huge factor today, which wasn’t the case back in your day. Traffic, rushing drivers, not-so-innocent-minded people.

  3. please explain why, if school budget depends on property taxes, lakewood does not have the very best school system possible. the children of most of the property owners in lakewood dont attend the public schools so why isnt there some –even a small percentage–of the money left over for the improvement of those schools? instead, not only we dont benefit from our property taxes, neither do the public schools


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