The Fiveish Dance Gets to Eretz Yisroel


fiveish-dance-eretz-yisroelFiveish is having a great time sightseeing in Eretz Yisroel, but his real highlight is roaming the streets and beaches in order to teach the Fiveish Dance!  That’s right – from Israeli children to Yeshiva Bochrim, the whole country is dancing away!  A must see video!

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  1. can you explain to me why all these negative posters arent learning in bais medrash and have time to spread their sarcasam and negativity? i know the boys personally they are boys who do spend seder learning all this was done during bein hasdorim. i cant see anything wrong with going out and having a little KOSHER FUN and making a little lebedik all those who are spending thier time surfing the net its safer and better to dance in the streets rather then surf the net and post negative comments!!


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