The Butcher: The Face of Evil


levi-aronThe body of Leiby Keletzky was found at two locations in Brooklyn this morning and police arrested a suspect in the slaying who had the child’s severed feet in his freezer, r”l.

Police have arrested Levi Aron, a suspect in the killing of 9-year-old Leiby.Police made the gruesome discovery after raiding a Kensington home and arresting 35-year-old Aron, who led them to parts of Leiby’s body, stuffed in a red suitcase and hidden in a dumpster outside an auto repair shop about two miles away.

Retracing the suspects steps from the surveillance video released yesterday, Police had observed Aron entering a dentist’s office on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn at 5:30 PM on Monday.

Detectives located one of the dentists at his home in New Jersey last night and established that the suspect had been in the dentists’ office on Monday to pay a bill. The dentist, said the man wasn’t a patient but was paying a bill for a patient there and police were able to find him using those records.

With the assistance of a receptionist and another dentist associated with the practice, detectives at 2 a.m. found records at the dentists’ office that established the suspect’s name and address. Aron was arrested about 40 minutes later.

Cops said Aron, who works at the Empire Supply hardware store on McDonald Avenue in Kensington, allegedly suffocated the boy before chopping him up. Police said they also found three knives in a butcher block inside Aron’s apartment. Police say, upon questioning suspect about the gruesome murder, he said he panicked upon seeing the massive search and attention this situation received.

A co-worker said Aron is divorced with no kids and acted completely normal at work yesterday.

“I can’t believe this,” he said. “He was a strange guy, but he was here yesterday and he was fine after killing this little boy.”

It was a tragic end to this innocent neshama, who disappeared Monday afternoon after getting lost while walking alone for the first time from his Borough Park day camp and following a man down a busy street, sparking a massive search.

{Shmiel Gellman/NY Daily News/NY Post}


  1. please take the picture off the page. Sick people enjoy the notoriety they get for doing the things they have done. Likovod Leby A”H this man’s face should never be seen in public again. Also- to the entire chareide community hitching can lead to this too. Warn your children that frum looking drivers may not be safe people either. I often drive in Boro Park and am stopped by young and old alike looking for a ride. IF YOU DON”T KNOW SOMEONE NEVER GET INTO THEIR CAR!!!!

  2. Please remove the picture of this rasha. No one should be caught off guard and end up having to look at this monster’s face.


    This man is a murderer. There is a mitzvah to protect people. We must identifiy evil by its face and root it out. We must go after abusers and molesters and murderers. DO NOT REMOVE THE PICTURE OR ARTICLE. IT IS IMPORTANT.

    I spoke to my rov who said clearly that there is no din lashon hara or anything of the sort on such a man.

  4. Please remove the picture. It’s nauseating. There might however be a benefit to show it, don’t think the stranger looks like a shabbily guy. He is the guy who smiles and looks normal.

  5. Moshe has it right. So did Shakespeare, in Hamlet:

    O villain, villain, smiling, damnèd villain!
    My tables—meet it is I set it down
    That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain—

    It’s an important lesson to learn, if you haven’t already.

  6. Keep the picture up!

    I need to show my children what a “stranger” can look like. They need to know that innocent-looking frum is also a stranger!

  7. Avot: Perek 5, Mishnah 11: “Wild beasts come to the world on account of false oaths and the desecration of the [holy] name.” (Ethics from Sinai, I. Bunim)

    How else can you describe the gruesome tragedy in Brooklyn this morning? What else but a beast (with the appearance of a human) could have committed such inhuman brutality?

    I am not going to copy down all that Reb Irving Bunim, zt”l, wrote on this Mishna in Ethics From Sinai other than the last paragraph from item [6]:
    Once any individual or fragment of our people casts off the tefillin, whatever is worn or done instead never has this effect. With the tefilin gone, gone too are the sacred ties to our people’s past, the way of life of ancestral faith; and vanished is the awe shown us that Scripture promises.

  8. there are too many singles out there. when you live alone for years your imagination becomes warped. there should be much more done to take care of the thousands of singles.

  9. #8, is 100% right! When children hear the story, AND THEY DID AND WILL CONTINUE TO HEAR IT, they need to see that he doesn’t look like the monster that he is. How else will they learn? Remember, children are very litteral! Sad though that the future is scary too! Children will be afraid of anybody and everybody! They will never trust anybody! Their innocense will be lost!

    I would like to suggest, and now really is NOT the time, but then again it is the summer and the streets are void of passerby. Shomrim distribute or sell revolving orange revolving light sfor whomever wishes to drive with them so that our town seems to have many observing eyes. This will inevitabbly make criminals uncomfortable perpetrating their crimes. “Hey this neighborhood is constantly under patrol and surveilance!
    And let’s not forget, Im HaShem Lo Yishmor Ir, Shov Shokad Shomer!” Let’s daven and beg for His ultimate shmira!

  10. Perhaps we should await a statement from the Moetzes , or another prominent Rabbiinical Organization to advise us or to make a gathering, on how to understand the horrific and brutal tragedy, which has befallen us and how to adjust our performance with regards to our observance and its meaning.

    The nature of this tragedy leaves no words to address it.

  11. #19 this has nothing to do with his being single- A he is divorced and B- being single does not warp your mind!!! a very precious neshoma in our community. There are those who were single their whole life and lived a life or kedusha, tahara and mitzvos. don’t you dare condemn people for being single

  12. I agree that, repulsive as it may feel, it is necessary to publish the picture so that everyone realize that dangerous people do not always look dangerous, in fact they may seem pleasant and friendly. Many heartbreaking stories of child and wife abuse continue because no-one believes the perpetrator could do such a thing. “He’s always seemed so nice. How could he beat his wife?” “He is always so good with the children. How could he be an abuser?”

    Unfortunately, we must no longer take anything for granted.

  13. Go back and ask your Rav about looking at the face of a rasha before accusing everyone else of ignorance – there indeed is a ‘mitsva to protect everyone’ and that is done by NOT EXPOSING them to the faces of reshaim!!

    Dear Matsav,
    Please don’t fall into the goyish trap of sensationalism and put Torah values first!!

  14. Lefi Aniyas Da’ati, and the following should be investigated:
    This creep could very well be a child molester who could have made up in advance to meet this boy, and that is why the boy begs his mother to walk, and that is whythis boy runs after the man on the video.
    Now, once he is done molesting him, he is nervous, so he has to get rid of him real quick, because the boy must have said I have to meet my mother. So he suffocates him. This way he can get rid of him, and noone knows what happened. This is my sevara. it should be investigated.
    What a sick man.



    WE MUST SEE this picture to remind us of evil in the form of man.

    I worked 13 Ave.I was always amazed how children all ages were permitted to stand alone on corners waiting for buses and things.



  16. Those of you who object to seeing a picture of a rasha, have you objected to seeing pictures of Osama bin Laden? to Saddan Houssein? to Arafat? to Eichmann? the Pope?

  17. Take a look on Matzav’s home page and you will see news items today with pictures of Ahmadinejad and Osama bin Laden. Why aren’t there are comments to those articles asking that the pictures of those reshaim be removed?

  18. there seems to be confusing reports, on one hand he killed the child right away, on the other he killed him because he panicked… in either case, we all need to ask ourselves, what have we done as a society that this tragedy should have befallen us? there were always innocent looking monsters lurking in the shadows, now they face of a monster sports a yarmulka and a beard. and at the end of the day, there is another set of victims in this tragedy, the murderer’s parents and family.

  19. I’m not in the mental health field, so I’m really speaking out of turn here. However, it’s obvious to me that this individual is mentally ill.

    He seems to have what is called “antisocial personality disorder” in the DSM, or in everyday terms, sociopathy. This condition is characterized by:

    . . . callous unconcern for the feelings of others and lack of the capacity for empathy,

    . . . incapacity to maintain enduring relationships,

    . . . very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence,

    . . . incapacity to experience guilt and to profit from experience, particularly punishment.

    This all fits very well with what we know about this individual.


  21. When I first saw the picture, I had the same thoughts that many of the other comments expressed. But then it occurred to me that it may very well be a mitzvah to publicize photos of this individual, in order to protect people from him. Hopefully he will not escape police custody but what if he were to, c”v?

    Comment #19 is incredibly inane and insulting to single people. I don’t know what could lead someone to commit such a heinous crime. But one thing’s for certain: it’s not being single (whether unmarried, divorced or widowed). If it were, we would have already heard of far more incidents like this one, R”L.

    I implore the moderators to please take greater care and excercise higher standards in deciding which comments to approve.

    And I implore the posters, in general: Hizharu b’divreichem! Please remember that whatever you post here will be seen by people all over the world, of all kinds of backgrounds. I have seen too many comments that cause chilul H’ and hisgorus b’umos, R”L.

  22. I think it’s important to let children know that bad people can look frum and friendly. What makes them a stranger is that YOU DON’T KNOW them and that should be enough. Showing the picture of this man is not necessary as looking at rashim is not proper. Also I don’t think we need to see pictures of achmedinajad, bin ladin and his ilk.


  23. Frum publications have been trying to push their readership into thinking of mental illness as they do physical illnesses and they decry the stigma that mental illness has. Well, this horror story may make them rethink their agenda. If this murderer is going to be labeled as someone having a mental illness, do the authors of those articles really expect us not to stigmatize those with mental illnesses?!

  24. what is the term somone coined, “banality of evil.” i agree with everyone who said it’s not good for us to look at reshaim, but people should see and take to heart just how average and commonplace evil can look, and teach kids to know that evil people need not look monstrous,even though they are. may Hashem bring nechama to the family.

  25. The perpetrator had a facebook page, on which he named various secular popular music, movies and television that he enjoys. Violence of all kinds, more grisly all the time, is rampant in secular entertainment

  26. Keep this picture up this fellow does not particularly look evil yet he evidently is.

    Hopefully more information will come out who this was and how he came to be. Why because to reach such a depraved state one hopes there is a reason like they were abused themselves so that that abuser could be exposed as well.

    Maybe this why Zero tolerance for abusers in our yeshivos or communities is necessary.

    Since he admitted his crime I am OK with a death penalty or at the very least release him publicly in Boro Park without any law enforcement nearby let sanitation pick up what’s left 5 minutes latter.

  27. @#41: Do you actually not realize that there are many different types of mental illness and that most people who are mentally ill are not any danger to others?

    @#33 (and others)

    Those of you who object to seeing a picture of a rasha, have you objected to seeing pictures of Osama bin Laden? to Saddan Houssein? to Arafat? to Eichmann? the Pope?

    First of all, you’re being quite indiscriminate in lumping all the people you named together this way.

    To begin with, Eichmann belongs in a class of true, unequivocal evil separate from any of the others you listed. And whatever one may think of The Pope, it does not seem appropriate to lump him in with the other individuals you list (But even if you feel otherwise, your post, here on the world wide web for all to see, will undoubtedly cause insult and resentment to any number of non-Jews. Can you really say that’s worth it?)

    As to the other individuals that have been named as “textbook examples” of wicked men, I could go into detail about each and make certain distinctions between them but that would be straying too far from the main topic at hand. So I will not quibble with listing all of them as examples of evil men but simply point-out the following. As bad as any of those non-Jewish figures may be/have been, none of them are worse than any number of Zionist figures, who are guilty of terrible crimes not only against both Jews as well as Palestinians but also against G-d Himself. Halevai more fruma Yidden, especially “haredishe” and “heimishe” Yidden would recognize this (and not reflexively, invariably defend and justify actions and policies of the Zionist State, including the “frum” parties. Such hisgorus b’umos, besides contributing to any number of injustices perpetrated upon others, serves only to be m’chalel sheim shomayim and put Jews around the world in danger, R”L.)

  28. Regarding #19, perhaps people are misinterpreting what he meant. All he said is “there are too many singles out there. when you live alone for years your imagination becomes warped. there should be much more done to take care of the thousands of singles” It seems what he meant is that we must take greater caution with singles so there should not CV”S be anymore victims (because there are reshaim out there who have way too much time on there hands who are looking to do these digusting acts). NOT that this man did this act because he is single!!!!! (VDOI”K)

  29. #49 asks: “Do you actually not realize that there are many different types of mental illness and that most people who are mentally ill are not any danger to others?”

    The point being that we should only stigmatize dangerous mentally ill people?! Can you tell us how to tell the difference? The murderer in this case had no prior criminal history.

  30. Please find a smaller picture, if you can, or if people must see one they can find it in the mainstream media. A big, clear picture like that is only making an unbearably sad situation more difficult to tolerate. This is a deep hurt for all of us, and I cannot imagine how those closer to the family, in particular the family, are able to function today. Heaven help them!

  31. The picture, in my opinion, is obscenity to the umpth degree and totally the antithesis of the values we embrace. Frankly, in my opinion, it is worse than all the other things we try to avoid looking at.

  32. O my god i lived in boro park all of my life and we Never had this happen o my god i am devasted by this my heart and prays go out to the the family

  33. “I have a funny feeling that that nighttime something!”

    What on earth does ‘that nighttime something’ mean? As it stands, your comment is meaningless drivel.

  34. Lakewooder
    What about all the hitching in Lakewood?? It’s just as dangerous. The boys have no idea who they are getting a ride with. Just today I saw a boy trying to hitch on Countyline. You can’t get more dangerous than that.

  35. ive been to boro park many times and i cannot believe such a monstrocity can happen. they should set up people at every corner to watch the children walk home. hashem yimkom damo
    barukh dayan haemeth


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