The Dream that Saved the Life of the Chevroner Rosh Yeshiva


The Torah world continues to daven for the rosh yeshiva of the Chevron Yeshiva, Rav Nachman Tucker, who suffered from cardiac arrest and collapsed last week.

By the grace of Hashem, present at his side during the incident was none other than his niece, an experienced physician, who came to visit him after she had a dream. In her dream, she saw her grandmother, the mother of Rav Tucker. When she tried to approach her grandmother and hug her, the grandmother moved away and told her to “go and do mitzvos.”

When she awoke from the dream, she was unsure of what it meant and she shared the details with her relatives, who advised her to visit her uncle, Rav Tucker. It was then that she learned that Rav Tucker had been taken to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, so she decided to visit him there.

The two spoke a bit, but during their conversation, Rav Tucker went into cardiac arrest and collapsed in front of her. The niece summoned the medical staff and stayed on to help with the resuscitation efforts. Afterwards, Rav Tucker has a pacemaker put in and received further treatment.

According to the hospital doctors, the niece’s medical intervention at the crucial moment of the rosh yeshiva’s collapse absolutely saved his life. If she had not been on hand, there’s no telling what the result could have been.

Now, the family is asking Klal Yisroel to continue davening for the complete recovery of Rav Nachman ben Tziporah.

{ Israel News}


  1. The dream means NOTHING, other then … its caused her to go visit her uncle, and happened to be present and help save his life.
    MAJOR hashgacha protis!!!!


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