The Double Standard




  1. It goes to show. When the commercial value of someone’s smile is limited by the wisdom of the real and rich blessing of someone else’s smile and wine (the Jews), there is always a complaint that the server (Hashem) is not being a nice guy. And of course, who could care if the arabs really kill one another? Noone cares. Its just that the nice jews have to do the dirty work right now. Run and hide and then go crazy! This is not the jews, this is Hashem. G-d is a G-d who keeps the Jewish State in his prayers too. And I think that our future has been going very well with the help of many Legions of Malachim in heaven. Who else could understand the blessing of good outcomes from almost no-win scenarios? G-d bless America and G-d bless Israel. Forever Friends!

  2. Muslims are allowed to kill Muslims.

    Jews are not allowed to kill Muslims.

    Bret Stephens had an excellent piece on this double-standard in Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed.

  3. A yid is not allowed to kill and do destruction for so many innocent civilians and ruin there lives forever we are the chosen people this belongs to Yishmoel and Eisof

  4. When 1,800 people are killed in Gaza, Obama and Carter and the media lash out at Israel. (By the way, half are men ages 18 to 40, likely Hamas fighters.) The blame is placed on Israel, instead of holding Hamas responsible for using women and children as human shields. Also, hundreds of those killed and injured were felled by Hamas rockets that misfired.

    When the USA fought the Taliban in Afghanistan, there were 20,000 Afghani civilian casualties.

    When the USA fought in Iraq, we killed 110,00- 150,000 Iraqi civilians and called this “unfortunate collateral damage.”

    When the USA dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki- between 150,000 and 246,000 civilians were killed.

    In the Vietnam War, it’s estimated that the USA was responsible for 5,000-10,000 civilian casualties in South Vietnam and more than 50,000 casualties in North Vietnam. The herbicidal sprayed by Americans called Agent Orange maimed or killed approximately 400,000, and as many as 500,000 children were born with birth defects.

    Israel only bombed Gaza in response to rocket fire from Hamas! Only Israel is not allowed to protect it’s own citizens!


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