The Chazon Ish’s Lesson to Rav Brevda


rav-shlomo-brevdaRav Shlomo Brevda  recalled the following miracle that happened to him in Yerushalayim when he was a young man while he was learning in Brisk in Yerushalayim:

One night, he decided to run to a relative’s house. While he was approaching the house there was a sudden blackout, which made the street turn pitch black…

He suddenly remembered…..that right next to the relative’s house was a very long steep and slippery staircase built into the street, which one had to navigate very carefully in order to avoid slipping and falling down its sharp and circuitous route.

Stopping immediately to get his bearings, he tried to locate the staircase in the darkness, when he was absolutely stunned to find that the stairs where at the edge of his right foot, and had he continued running for just a fraction of a second more, he would have certainly been seriously injured C”V.

He was hoping that the next morning he will Daven and thank Hashem with his full heart, better then ever, after his life was saved by the split of the second, but Davening Scharis was just like any ordinary day, it bothered him tremendously.

So Rav Brevda traveled to Bnai Brak to discus this matter with the Chazon Ish (it took 4 hours each way) He related the miracle to the Chazon Ish. Rav Brevda asked the Chazon Ish, “Why is it that I do not feel any different and closer to Hashem Yisboruch since I woke up today, than when I woke up yesterday or any other day of my life? I was privileged to have an open miracle happen to me, yet I do not feel like I am on my way to serving Hashem any better today then yesterday! Or the day before? How can this be?

The Chazon Ish paused and thought for a few moments then he answered. There is a special Yetzer Hara called “The Yetzer Hara After an Open Miracle” that tries to weaken a person when he is stirred to serve Hashem after experiencing a miracle!!!

Now that Rav Brevda is in dire need of much of our Tefilos and learning Torah for a Zechus to survive his medical condition we all have to pitch in and ask Hashem to have mercy on “us” to help the Rav to get well and lead us towards Moshiach in the very very near future BS”D

Please continue davening for Shloma Leib ben Miryam.

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  1. his condition is critical please keep on Davining and Hashem will help the Rav.

    Shloma Leib ben Miryam.

  2. As a merit for Reb Shlomo, there is another part of this story that needs to be filled in: Reb Shlomo told me that the Chazon Ish looked down, slightly lowering his head, and said to himself more than to Reb Shlomo, “We see and we see and we still do not change.” We see Hashem in our lives, but still do we change? Maybe we do more, push further, but do we let go of the past, of the materialism of the world and really change? It is very hard. Yet, in the events of the world today it is difficult not to see that Hashem openly orchestrating His creation to His desired end. Each event is meant for us to see Hashem, b’chush, and have yiras Hashem — the events are just a Chazal described they would be. Now is the time to leave the materialistic yearnings and vanity of olam hazeh and cling to Hashem.

  3. The Rav is “the mechaber of numerous seforim” He has so far written 11 seforim (ken yirbu), some at the behest of gedolei olam, such as the Brisker Rav, the Chazon Ish, Rav Shach, and the Steipler z”l. He is considered to b e the world expert on the writings of the Gr”a z’l (Vilna Gaon) and is himself a formidable talmid chacham, a gadol in his own right.



  4. Please Hashem have rachamim on Rav Brevda look and see how much pain he is suffering and despite all this how bli ein hora on Sunday night he gives his shuir with total love and dedication to his group of talmidim and the shuir goes world wide bringing Yidden to having more emunah and a very real and close relationship with You. Please have Rachamim and give Shlomo Leib ben Miryam a refuah schl’miah and koagh to his rebbetzin and mispocha.
    Todah Rabbah.


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