The Buzz to Donate Free Appliances to Single Mothers for Pesach


buzz-boro-parkBrooklyn NY — A local Brooklyn appliance store, The Buzz, a kosher cross between a Williams Sonoma and a Best Buy, is donating 200 hand mixers and several of their newest appliances to help a group of needy single mothers prepare for Pesach. The Buzz, which has two super stores in Brooklyn, has got major manufacturers to develop a line of appliances geared towards the Orthodox Jewish community in the New York Metropolitan area who tend to cook at home more and in larger quantities than the general public. These appliances are variations on standard appliances such as a food processor, but have been tweaked in size and in the blades, to accommodate traditional dishes, most notably kugel.

Pesach is also particularly difficult for needy families, and especially single mothers who must provide for their families alone.

The store will be contributing the mixers to the Masbia soup kitchen Charoset Drive which is trying to raise support for special food distributions of Passover related foods for needy families. One of five Masbia Passover distributions will cater to a group of 200 single mothers.

In addition to the food, each mother will receive a Prima Chef 5 Speed electronic Hand Mixer from The Buzz, and a few of the largest and neediest families will also receive a Gourmet Grade 14 Cup Food Processor with a Kugel blade, and a Gourmet Grade 7 QT. Commercial Class Mixer, both of which are being debuted this season for the first time and which are expected to make traditional food drastically easier.

“This is a very special first for Masbia,” said Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of Masbia soup ktichen network. “As a soup kitchen we are usually preoccupied with helping people get food, but now thanks to The Buzz, we can also make it easier for needy families to prepare their meals. Providing the poor with the means to cook their own meals, also increases their ability to eat fresh and healthy food. And most importantly it helps them leverage the money they have for food!”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Yashir kocham. This is great. They should be an example for other stores to step up and help. Most single mothers must work as well as raise a family – and sometimes work up until the last minute, and on chol hamoed – and this will take off a bit of the burden. Let’s see a competition for thinking up creative ways to help single mothers – and seniors too, for that matter – and remember the “forgotten ones” this year.

  2. Wonderful. I hope this is for Almano’s only, not divorcee’s. Why should a woman who misbehaves & treats her husband like trash, then throws him out, be rewarded?
    What about single men? Why can’t they get any help?

  3. Listen #2, the vast majority of divorcee’s are divorced due to abuse and abandonment by the men. They are left to support their children alone as well. The single men are for the most part batlanim.

  4. maybe you treat your wife like trash because you have this attitude… not always is a divorce for the wife ‘misbehaving..

  5. Listen #6,

    84% of divorces are initiated by women.
    That doesn’t sound like abandonment from men.

    And reality. How many Jewish, “Frum” divorce cases where the wife scram “abuse” and was reprimanded by the court???

    How many cases where her claims of abuse were proven to be false?

  6. To #2 — dan l’chaf z’chus is d’oraissa, is it not? Those of us who follow Torah wouldn’t make a presumption like that. (BTW, “gitten” are part of Torah, too).

  7. Are we talking about the groups of divorced woman we see in expensive restaraunts and sushi places every night? Yea , they can use a free food processor.


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