The Busiest Chareidi Politician


Figures released by the Knesset indicate that MK Uri Maklev of UTJ has been a star in all aspects of Knesset work. On average, the weekly hours of his presence in the Knesset clocked up to 27.5 hours versus only 8.4 hours for the chareidi MK on the lowest rung of Knesset attendance.

Maklev racked up an average 32.5 committee meetings a month compared to the lowest chareidi rate of 6.4; participated in 302.9 votes per month, the highest rate in the Knesset; and submitted 362 bill proposals during the winter session. 56 of his proposals passed preliminary readings, 19 passed first readings, and 18 passed their second and third readings and were written into law.

The high or low point of the iHHKnesset winter session, depending on one’s political leanings, was the passing of the controversial Settlement Regulation Law.

{ Israel}



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