The Bottoms of New York City’s Harbors Still House 1,600 Bars of Silver – If You Can Find Them


new-yorkThe bottoms of New York City’s harbors still house 1,600 bars of silver, if you can find them amid the junk and the 4-foot-long, wood-eating worms. Using GPS and state-of-the-art sonar, Columbia University researchers recently made the first comprehensive map of the wonders submerged in New York City’s harbors. Supplementing those findings with historical data, New York magazine reported the inventory’s highlights in May: a 350-foot steamship (downed in 1920), a freight train (derailed in 1865), 1,600 bars of silver (unrecovered since 1903), a fleet of Good Humor ice cream trucks (which form a reef for aquatic life), and so many junked cars near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges that divers use them as underwater navigation points. Of most concern lately, though, are the wildlife: 4-foot-long worms that eat wooden docks and tiny “gribbles” that eat concrete pilings.{YahooNews/ Newscenter}


  1. And no pairs of tefillin found, huh? It’s about time that the bobbe mayseh that Yidden threw tefillin overboard when they came into NY is sunk. Of course, some people find it hard to stop believing in fairy tales they have become accustomed to, and keep on repeating them, true or false.


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