The Bluzhever Rebbe zt”l


Bluzhever Rebbe - BP 2It is with great sadness that we report the passing of the Bluzhever Rebbe,Rav Zvi Yehudah Spira zt”l. The Rebbe had battled illness for the last period and was niftar this morning at age 79.

The Rebbe was a stepson of the Bluzhever Rebbe, Rav Yisroel Spira zt”l. His mother was the Rebbe’s second wife.

The Rebbe, who served as the nosi of Kollel Chibas Yerushalayim, was known for his outstanding tzidkus and yiras Shomayim, and for always being available for any Yid in need.

The levaya will be held at 2 p.m. today at the Rebbe’s bais medrash on 58th Street, between 14th and 15th Avenues, in Boro Park, Brooklyn. After Shabbos, the aron will be flown to Eretz Yisroel for kevurah on Har Hazeisim in Yerushalayim, where the Rebbe’s father is buried.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. BD”E.

    I remember the rebbe’s heartfelt tefilos. He inspired all those around him.
    Yehi zichro baruch.

  2. The Rebbe ZT”L was one of the last link to the previous Gedoilei Hador.
    Having the illustrious Bluzhever Rebbe, for a father,
    Yehai Zichro Boruch

  3. The Rebbe was my father, zatza”l’s chavrusa in Torah Vodaas. He used to call my father to wish him a good Yom Tov.

  4. BDE

    NIFTAR AT 79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    List of Gedolim all niftar at 79

    1)Spinka Rebbe of Yerushalyim,Rav Mordechai Dovid Kahane-July 27 2011 -79
    2)Rebetzin Batsheva Kanievsky-wife of Rav Chaim-October 14 2011-Succos-79
    3)Rabbi Yosef Tendler-Ner Yisroel Baltimore-February 8 2012-79
    4)Rav Aharon Yaakov Brandwein zt”l,-the Strettiner Rebbe of Boro Park-June 14 2014-79
    5)HaRav Yitzchok Bernstein ZT”L, Rosh Yeshivas Knesses Chizkiyahu in Kfar Chasidim-November 22 2014-79
    6)Rav Chaim Epstein zt”l-rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Zichron Meilich in Brooklyn-January 20 2015-79
    PLUS OVER 140 more niftar just in the past 2 years R”L

    How come so many are Niftar at the age of 79? anyone know the message from hashem? is there such a thing as coincidence?

    anyone know what chapter 79 in tehillim is?
    the chapter made over 3000 years ago & is THE EXACT SITUATION OF SADNESS GOING on in israel TODAY. the goyim are in your land… they are making your land unholy…. & turning yerushalyim into rubble… CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF & SEE THE FULL CHAPTER made 3000 years ago by Dovid Hamelech & composed by Asaf

    May his neshama have an aliya & may we all do teshuva ASAP so we can greet mashiach with the Bluzhever Rebbe very soon

  5. What a loss. He was a “Tierer Yid”. A tzadik . Always with a Shmiecile to every person. He always said special Torahs by his Tichen. He will be sorely missed .ZT”L

  6. If you’re not going to accept peoples honest opinions/comments then why bother to even have a comment section? This is not communist Russia. If you publish articles/stories and you want to have an honest dialogue, so leave your viewers comments untouched. You cant keep sanitizing your viewers comments to fit your agenda. If you feel the particular article is too “controversial” so don’t publish it. If you want to be a professional website, you cant have it both ways.

  7. During the war or immediately after it the Rebbe zatza”l married this Rebbe’s mother after both had lost their dpouses and families. The Rebbe zatza”l raised him like his own child and he even looked like him. That’s why so many even thought he was maamish his son.
    Nevertheless he was his son for all practical purposes and he was a tremendous tzaadik.

  8. Where ever the Rebbe would visit out of Boro Park, people would line up to speak to him, get a brocho and advise. The Rebbe would always make sure that the person would leave with a smile or have a good feeling. His ahavas yisroel was great, and treated everybody as if he was the greatest person.


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