The Best Segulah


By Rabbi Berach Steinfeld

The posuk in this week’s Parsha teaches us that we should be a “tamim” (accepting) when it comes to Hashem. The Rambam does not count this as one of the six hundred and thirteen mitzvos. The Ramban and Rabbeinu Yona do count it as a mitzvah. In the Sefer Hamitzvos, the Ramban says that we should unify our hearts to believe in Hashem and believe that Hashem does everything for the best. Hashem knows the truth of why things are supposed to be and one should not go and ask for guidance from sorcerers and the like.

The Gemara in Pesachim, daf kuf yud gimel, amud bais asks the following question. Where do we see that one should not consult with stargazers? The Gemara answers that we learn this from the posuk in this week’s parsha, “Tamim Elokecha.” Rav Shach Zt”l felt strongly that people should not go to palm readers etc. We should have bitachon in Hashem.

There have been people who would use the Goral HaGra to help guide them. Rav Chaim Kanievsky said in the name of his father, the Steipler, that according to Tosfos in Shabbos, daf kuf nun vov, amud bais we should not research things via goral as it is not being “tamim” with Hashem. The Chazon Ish explains that despite the fact that in the days of King Shaul and David they did use a goral, at that time the goral was done via nevuah; (prophecy) however, today we don’t have prophecy and so it should not be used.

The story is told that the Brisker Rov was once debating whether or not he should use the Goral HaGra. After much deliberating, he decided to use it and the Goral fell out on the posuk of “tamim tihye.”

Reb Chaim Kanievsky said that many segulos that are quoted in the name of the Steipler are incorrect. The Steipler never said that a baby girl who does not have a Kiddush will have a harder time with shidduchim.

The only segulah Reb Chaim Kanievsky did say was for a bochur who was older and could not find a shidduch. He was told that the segulah for a shidduch was to learn Torah. Upon being told that a couple could not have children, Reb Shmuel Birnbaum zt”l would tell them to learn Chiddushei Reb Chaim Halevi Brisk. He said the fact that we are learning the Chiddushim of Reb Chaim who was well known for helping orphans would be a zechus for having children.

The bottom line is that the best segula is available for all: learn Torah and may all our needs be taken care of!

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  1. You mean I have to learn as a segulah???
    I thought I could just wear a shirt with 3 purple dots. Both come from the word segol, so that a double sugulah.

    Torah requires time, effort, and consistency. That’s too much work for this instant gratification generation.

    • You could say the same with jews in America unifying a single dress code. In lita they would say Frum iz deh galach. Ehrlich iz deh Yid. Clothing is easy to replicate. Emes not so much so!


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