The Motzoei Shabbos Event at The Project Inspire Convention


-Communicated- DON’T MISS THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME! The Project Inspire Convention has long sold out but there is still LIMITED SPACE available for our exciting Motzei Shabbos program, the true highlight of the Project Inspire Convention. We will have the zchus to hear from HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky and enjoy soul stirring music from Simcha Leiner and HaRav Shmuel Brazil and Sons. Bring your spouse for an elegant evening filled with inspiration, music, and delicacies. Besides our deluxe delicious Melava Malka, you will be treated to an entire tasting and pairing area with boutique coffee dripped to perfection, exotic fruit displays, rich and luscious custom chocolate creations, and an international wine tour from Kedem.

Just a 35 minute drive from Monsey!

Register TODAY for our Motzei Shabbos and Sunday program. Go to, call (718) 874-8875 or email



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