Texas School Demands Mother Prove Daughter Is Jewish


A Jewish mother in North Texas said her child’s school asked for proof that her daughter is Jewish in order to excuse her for Yom Kippur.

Lauren Gordon told local CBS affiliate CBS 11 Dallas Fort Worth on Thursday that when she asked last month for her daughter’s absence from school on Yom Kippur to be excused, the Garland Independent School District requested that she “send documentation from the religious establishment you attended,” according to the report.

“That response basically told me that they didn’t believe that we were Jewish. That they needed proof. Honestly, it upset me just as much as it made me angry,” she said.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Hey Lady!
    Do your daughters a favor. Send them to a Yeshiva where they will learn your grandparent’s traditions and customs and will continue Judaism for your family.

  2. Nothing wrong for the school to demand proof she’s Jewish. There are lots of fraudster out there. If she’d act Jewish, they wouldn’t need to ask.

  3. Does she have a kethuba to photograph? A real one?

    Could be a good question. We excused gentiles from yom kippur in our town. Their reform dads converted reform mothers into a zero jewish faith and the daughters were told to all as jewish. It could be interesting.

    What should we defend? This is a non-story.

  4. but her daughter took off for yom kippur. isnt that acting jewish? mother should be encouraged to show her jewishness in many other ways. wher’s chabad when we need them?

  5. How can one proof if one is Jewish? if one is harassed, she probably is.

    If she claimed being whatever other religion, I doubt very much they would ask for “proof” of such religion, whatever that means for school purposes.

  6. Someone misunderstood their request…. they asked for documentation from the religious establishment she attended, ie. the Shul she went to on Yom Kippur. All she probably needed was a letter from the Synagogue that she attended services there on xyz date. Same as requesting a doctor’s note to “prove” your sick days were valid.

    • huh? if i am getting paid, it makes sense that my employee checks that my sick days are valid. For everyone else, it is none of their business whether someone is going to synagogue or fasting at home. Do they ask for church attendance certificate in order to take the sunday off in public school? People do what they please with their time.


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