Texas Board Of Ed Drops Hillary Clinton From History Classes


Texas educators have booted Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller and other historical figures from state social studies classes, which require students to learn about “significant social leaders in the United States.”

At least two committee members said the group concluded that there were too many historical figures for Texas kids to study, so they graded candidates based whether they triggered a “watershed change” and if they were from an “underrepresented group,” the paper reported.

Clinton scored a 5 out of 21 points. Keller scored a 7 out of 20.


Read more at NY POST.



  1. I feel bad that Helen Keller was removed. She was a true heroine and iconic figure for children to emulate and look up to. The other is a creep and should be deleted from the news too: like wiped clean with a rag!

    • HK was a human being and an outstanding example of what a deaf-blind person and those who cared for her can achieve, it is not easy to educate a deaf-blind person even nowadays with all the technology, and even nowadays deaf-blind are not really taken into consideration e.g. designers rarely take them into account unless reminded to. Then again her opinions were her own, for example she supported “eugenetics” (which to be honest, many in the USA approved before these ideas became tied to nazism and thus unpalatable) and I do not think she is exactly a figure for children to emulate and look up to. Of course we learn from everyone but we also filter what we learn.

  2. Texas history should include the corruptions of the US government, the gangsters known as ministers and include their fraudulent elections of the past 71 years and how Obama, the Bushes and other Presidents were installed as Presidents by fraud. And that the CIA had prepared similar amount of fraud for the Criminal-in-Chief to illegally push her through as President, but thank G-d, it failed because they didn’t predict the small amount of US voters voting for this witch. They should teach them how corrupt the political gang of gangsters, including the FBI, CIA and DOJ are, that they’re not even investigating the biggest criminal in the US history, namely Hillary, who should have been behind bars for life a long time ago without parole for her massive criminal activities.


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