Texas Blacklists Airbnb Over Settlement Ban


Texas has blacklisted Airbnb from receiving state contracts over the popular home-share site’s recent decision to prohibit the listing of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

The Texas Comptroller on Friday publicly updated the list of businesses on the state’s “List of companies that boycott Israel,” pursuant to a Texas government code.

According to Texas protocol which prohibits investment in companies that boycott Israel, Airbnb has 90 days from the day it was added to the list to stop boycotting Israel or to prove that it does not boycott Israel nor taken action against it. Otherwise, the State of Texas “shall sell, redeem, divest, or withdraw all publicly traded securities of the company, except securities.”

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  1. I had read that Airbnb backed down and it took me less than two minutes to confirm that it in fact does have listings in a number of Jewish “settlements” in the West Bank and the Golan.

    Airbnb facilitates lawbreaking and has contributed to the rising costs of housing in urban areas such as NYC by allowing illegal sublets and conversions of apartments to hotels. We should have been upset about that before the “settlements” issue came up. But the latter issue seems now to be a non-issue.

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