Texan Congressman: “Stalin Killed More Ukrainians Than Hitler Killed Jews”


Speaking this week at a conference organized by the conservative American Enterprise Institute, Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican and the House Homeland Security Committee chairman, said that “Stalin killed more people in Ukraine than Hitler killed Jews in World War II. They basically worked them to death for the bread and the food that they made in Ukraine.”

Known as the Holodomor, the massive famine in 1932-33 was brought on by Stalinist collectivization policies. During the famine, Moscow insisted on increasing production quotas and confiscating seed grain while peasants starved.

While it affected citizens across the the Soviet Union, Ukraine was hit especially hard. While millions starved to death, the exact tally of victims has been a matter of dispute. Some scholars, such as Ukrainian-Canadian historian John-Paul Himka, have placed the number at around 4 million, while Ukrainian nationalists claim more than twice as many.

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  1. It’s a fact that all in all, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung indirectly killed more people than Hitler. The big difference is, that Hitler killed Jews out of hate and ethnic cleaning, while Stalin and Mao did it across the board, with their sick mind, to consolidate power.

  2. I think you r the ignorant one!

    You probably never heard of the term holodomor.

    Hitler & Stalin were both evil, but just because you never heard of the Ukraine tragedy (which killed many Jews as well) dosent make the congressman ignorant.

    • To 9:31am, Read Chacham’s comment, and don’t embarrass yourself with a new golodomor term that you learned. (Which was a policy of man made starvation caused by the governmental confiscation of all farm products and then redistributing it to whoever was in good graces, or often enough selling the confiscated agricultural products in the West for a hard currency which was spent purchasing military technology through the tacit approval of the American and European progressives of 1920’s and 1930’s – that happened throughout the Soviet Union, though Ukraine being the bread basket was hit the hardest.) Anyway, Ukrainians have been continuously committing acts of genocide against our people since seventeenth century, so forgive me for not shedding a tear over their misfortune.

  3. Ukrainians, over the centuries, killed many Jews. In cahoots with the White Russian armies and Nazis, they killed many more.


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