Terrorist Watchlist Guide Revealed


stop-spyingThe Obama administration has expanded the national terrorist watchlist system, so that “irrefutable evidence or concrete facts are not necessary” to be labeled a terrorist by the government.

Under the guidelines, both “known” and “suspected” are tracked by the government.

Terrorism is broadly defined to include destruction of government property or damaging computers used by financial institutions.

The guidelines also note that “‘walk-in,’ ‘write-in,’ or postings on social media sites” can be used to place someone on the watchlist. Having a family member who has already been designated a terrorist under the watchlist guidelines can also be sufficient for getting a person on the list, too. Read more at The Intercept.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. So does Hamas constitute terrorism under the Obama admin? :Are they both known and suspected,do they post on social media sites and do they have family members also involved? Hmmm. Let’s think about that…


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