Terrorist Marwan Barghouti to Run Against Abbas from Prison


Terrorist and former Fatah Tanzim chief Marwan Barghouti is planning a run for the Palestinian Authority presidency, his wife told the Amman-based Al-Arab Al-Yawm newspaper, ARUTZ SHEVA reports.

Last September, PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced plans to retire, but failed to offer a time frame for new elections.

The first presidential election in the PA was held in 1996, when Yasser Arafat won against token opposition. No further elections for the position were held until 2005, following Arafat’s death. Following his victory in 2005, Abbas has never stood for reelection. What was ostensibly a four-year term in office has become a de facto 11-year term.

Barghouti is currently serving five life sentences in Israel for his role in orchestrating a wave of deadly terror attacks against Israel. Read more at ARUTZ SHEVA.



  1. Can someone explain why a high profile jailed terrorist has enough
    communication ability to “run for office?” Who in the world is
    “minding the store” if it is possible:(


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