Terrorist Killed After Attempted Stabbing At Bitot Junction



A Palestinian suspected of attempting to carry out a stabbing attack was shot and killed by an Israeli citizen on Wednesday.

An Israeli settler and right-wing activist identified himself as the shooter and said he was driving to work when a Palestinian armed with a knife attempted to open the door of his vehicle. The Israeli then exited his vehicle and shot the Palestinian.

“A few meters before Bitot Junction, a terrorist jumped at my car and tried to open the door and hurt me and my daughter,” claimed Joshua Sherman, who works for the Union of the Right-Wing Parties. “I went outside and with the help of a driver who was behind me we neutralized the terrorist.”

The suspected assailant, who was later identified as 23-year-old Mohammed Al-Fatah,was transferred to a nearby hospital in serious condition and later pronounced dead from his wounds.

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