Terror: Israeli Man Injured in Shooting Attack Near Ramallah


A drive-by shooting attack tonight near the community of Halamish in the West Bank left one man injured from shards of glass the cut his face after gunfire from a terrorist shattered the window of his car.

The man was treated at the scene, on the road near the Palestinian village of Aboud, not far from Ramallah, and then taken to the hospital.

Last Wednesday, a terrorist shot at an Israeli car not far from Ramallah, damaging the vcar but not causing any injuries.

2016-12-18-photo-00010631 2016-12-18-photo-00010636 halamish

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. But the idiotic secular Israeli government is so busy obeying this moronic supreme lefty court on evicting Jews from their homes in Amona. But to protect Jews from drive by shootings is unimportant.


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