TERROR: Israeli Father of Four Killed at Bus Stop in Ariel


An Israeli man was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist today while standing at a bus stop in Ariel, the largest Jewish city in northern Shomron.

The victim was identified as Itamar Ben Gal Hy”d, a 29-year-old rebbi and father of four children from the Jewish community of Har Bracha.

CCTV footage shows the terrorist casually crossing the street and walking up to Ben Gal from behind, then quickly stabbing him in the chest.

Ben Gal immediately ran yelling for help, before collapsing near a bus. Medics treated Ben Gal and transported him to the Beilinson Medical Center in Tel Aviv, where he was pronounced dead shortly after reaching the hospital.

The terrorist fled the scene on foot. An IDF officer who witnessed the attack attempted to neutralize the terrorist by hitting him with his car, but the assailant fled. The terrorist has been caught by IDF soldiers and is now in custody.

At the start of a Likud party meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu vowed, “We will bring them to justice,” referring to the terrorist and any possible accomplices.

{JNS/Matzav.com Israel}


  1. What Justice. The israeli secular government talks big. They release hundreds of Arab terrorists but force Jews who fought Arabs to sit in jail.

  2. It’s too bad the Russian drunk, Avigdor Lieberman, is busy forcing boys AND girls into the IDF even though they’re not needed, rather than fighting and preventing terrorism.

    • Dear feeble minded americaner, Russian Jews never identified as or were referred to as Russians, were not, stereotypically, heavy drinkers. You may express your outrage at Lieberman as a politician, but don’t say things about Russian Jews, especially if you have no knowledge of the subject matter. Besides, I think that the blame lies with the entire Judenrat system: Israeli courts, shabak, media etc. Notice how the obedient sheep tried the idiotic “neutralization with a car”, but did not attempt to shoot the fleeing islamonazi – Israelis fear Judenrat more than the terrorists.

      • Perhaps this person (probably jewish), someone that you derogatorily call idiotic sheep, did not have a weapon at that moment? Someone who decides it is appropriate to neutralize with a car would also shoot nonlethally towards legs, which is no more risky than being run over by a motor vehicle.
        And i don’t doubt Lieberman because I am told he is a yid, but some russian lowlifes have attempted and sometimes succeeded to pose as Jews.

        • Read the article: “IDF officer”. IDF officers usually carry, but this officer was probably afraid of being prosecuted for killing the murderous islamonazi, as “nonlethal shooting in the legs” is almost impossible in the heat of the situation. Besides, the fleeing terrorist still poses an immediate danger, as he is still armed and can lunge at bystanders. In such a case, shooting to kill would be interpreted as a legal self defense in the US courts, but Judenrat Israeli courts do everything to create more Jewish victims of the islamonazi terrorism. Perhaps a better term would be “Judenrat terrorism”.

        • All IDF soldiers carry guns. After what happened to Elor Azaria, the soldiers are scared they will be thrown in prison. The ultra left wing liberal policies in the secular State of Israel, are the most dangerous of any Nation.


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