Ten Years Later: Audio of Hatzolah Personnel at the World Trade Center


hatzolah-9-11[Audio below.] 9/11 taught us that without Hashgachah Protis, nothing can protect a person.

“We have worked to improve our communications, equipment and training, but, ultimately, it is the purity of our motives, our achdus, and, most importantly, our reliance on Hakadosh Boruch Hu that saved all of our over 200 members who were there that day,” a Hatzolah member tells Matzav.com.

A fire chief told one of the Hatzolah coordinators, “Obviously, G-d was listening to your prayers.” He lost many of his firefighters in the inferno, while all of the Hatzolah responders returned home safely.

Click below to listen to the radio transmissions of Hatzolah personnel at the Twin Towers on that harrowing morning ten years ago:

[media id=1264 width=400 height=60]

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. please note: while the world commemmorates this day by its given name of 9/11, ten years ago it was the 23rd day of Elul. Sept. 11 intrinsically does not have meaning to us. it is chof gimel elul.


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