Tel Aviv Mini Mart Owners: Give Us Back Shabbos


am-pmA Tel Aviv mini mart owner says a July Supreme Court ruling calling on the Tel Aviv Municipality to enforce the closure of stores on Shabbos must be enforced irrelevant of who wins the forthcoming council elections.

In a letter that he says will be widely circulated, Kobi Berner says the failure of the municipality to come down harder on larger stores has been forcing smaller stores to remain open so they don’t lose out on customers, and in doing so, missing out on the Shabbos day of rest.

“It doesn’t matter who is elected to the municipality in the coming elections,” Berner wrote in the letter. “The Supreme Court’s judgment was against the Tel Aviv Municipality irrelevant of who is elected to it,” he wrote.

Berner, who heads the Forum of Grocery Stores and Mini-marts in Israel, is leading a campaign initiated by local grocery store owners in Tel Aviv petitioning the Municipality against its “discriminatory” system of imposing fines against stores that stayed open on Shabbos. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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