Tel Aviv Launches Campaign to Get Residents to Disconnect From Cellphones


Tel Aviv high school students will take to the streets to encourage pedestrians to take time away from their cellphones, according to a new campaign launched by the city of Tel Aviv.

In a campaign that began on Sunday on Facebook, Instagram and on billboards around the city, Tel Aviv’s municipality is initiating an effort to get parents, students and the public “out of the screen.”

Among the goals of the initiative are “mobile-less” restaurants, playgrounds, kindergartens and public events.

Slogans include “a hug without a phone,” and a day in which high-schoolers stand in public locations and hand out candies to anyone not currently engaged with their mobile device.

Educational activities for youth groups and the larger public will emphasize the importance of human relationships over electronic devices.




  1. Finally someone got some sechel. It is very interesting to go out and count how many people, are not playing(playing reading talking etc) with their cellphones. The numbers are very low or non existent. When people get angry others for not being a slave to their cellphone(kosher) and answering it on the first or second ring, I believe there really is a problem.(I think it’s very funny to see two people walking in tandem, each talking on their cellphone instead of each other.)

  2. After their filth parades they run yearly with such zest, it’s hard to accept anything they do. They should’ve had this cellphone-less campaign instead of those sick parades.


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