Tel Aviv Bus Terrorist: I Learned Everything on the Internet



Hamza Matrouk, the terrorist who stabbed passengers on a Tel Aviv bus Wednesday morning, learned his craft from the Internet, he told interrogators, Arutz Sheva reports.

Matrouk, who was shot in the leg and arrested as he tried to escape after stabbing and injuring a dozen people on a Dan company bus in Tel Aviv early Wednesday, was apparently a big consumer of online videos relating to Islamic theology, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic philosophy – and training videos on attacking Jews.

Among other things, Matrouk said, he also watched many videos portraying the IDF’s responses to Hamas terror rockets fired at Israel during Operation Protective Edge, as well as the events on the Temple Mount, as Israeli police try to stop riots and rock throwing by Arab rioters. It was these videos, he said, that prompted him to sneak out of Tulkarem and go on his stabbing spree.

Twelve people were wounded in the stabbing attack, with 17 receiving treatment from Magen David Adom (MDA).

{ Israel}


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  2. In fact, it is rabinically prohibited to look at the face of an evil person. I wish you would not just collect these comments, but actually remove his evil face from your website.

  3. Matzav has become known for their well established hypocrisy. They pick and choose what pictures to show, when. Will we ban Rebbitzen Pam but show Hillary? Will we show one of the Mothers of the Kedoshim with her showing but not the Belzer Rebbitzen?

  4. Forget the picture, think of the Ikar ! Foolish Jews , the Torah commands us to remove them from our Country. We invite them to live with us in Tulkaram, give them citizenship and we vote SHAS who hasn’t said a word of removing them as per the Torah commandment.

    You’re all focusing on the wrong thing, focus on pushing your leaders and Torah rabbaim to act on removing Arabs from Israel such as Rav Eliyahu from Tzfat. True Torah !


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