Tel Aviv Bais Din Orders Woman to Take Divorce and Lose Alimony


A Tel Aviv beis din ordered a woman who submitted a false complaint against her husband to take a divorce and lose her alimony, Arutz Sheva reported. After her complaint led to the husband being thrown out of his home for ninety days, the wife filed a reconciliation quest for tactical reasons to increase her economic benefits.

“When an unjustified complaint is filed, the consequences for the husband are unbearable,” the dayonim wrote. “The police restraining order is by default, and then there is long-term harm through a procedure for issuing protection which relies on less than feather-weight evidence. The courts err on the side of safety out of fear of violence, and so, even if the accused is found innocent at the end of the procedure, the humiliation involved tarnishes his good name and in many instances irrevocably harms his employment.

“Removing a person from his home on the basis of a false complaint is an act of physical violence,” the beis din said. “On the other hand, the complainant achieves tactical gains in custody proceedings, legal fees, etc. and there is also a direct connection to the amount of alimony. In the end, the man finds himself in a dead-end Kafkaesque situation.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Wow! B”H that there are still so.e normal jurists out there. More so, it’s refreshing that they’re being given press coverage as well.

    • Because the rabbanut has superiority over divorced in israel in the courts. The system is much more sensible and fair. The american and european courts dont and wont ever understand what a man or woman goes through when going through an halachic divorce. Or being denied a divorce etc…

      • There it is: Justifying this cruelty that are perpetrated by women and their advocates. Oh, you must have missed the reports of how terrible it usually is in Israel, and the deaths that it causes.


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