Tehillim for Longtime White Shul Gabbai


white-shulYidden in Jewish communities are reciting Tehillim for Rav Yechiel Hecht, the longtime gabbai of Congregation Knesseth Israel, the White Shul, on Empire Blvd. in Far Rockaway, NY. Rav Yechiel wastaken this past Thursday to South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside where he is in serious by stable condition.

The Polish-born Rav Yechiel has been a fixture at the White Shul for decades. With his effervescent personality, his warm smile and good cheer, Rav Yechiel has influenced numerous mispallelim at the shul. While he runs and directs the numerous minyanim and ensures that the shul is running smoothly, his presence alone has made an indelible impact on those who frequent the White Shul.

Rav Yechiel has served as shamash and gabbai of the shul under its earlier rabbonim, Rav Raphael Pelcovitz and Rav Tzvi Flamm, and more recently under the current mara d’asra, Rav Eitan Feiner. Rav yechiel’s humility and down-to-earth manner belies his knowledge of Torah and his many accomplishments.

Tehillim should be recited for Rav Yechiel Ben Miriam.

 {Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I think his proper title in the Shul is shamas, or meshameish bakodesh, not gabbai – although perhaps a shamas can be a gabbai too, but nevertheless they are not necessarily one and the same. Perhaps you chose the latter title, because you thought the former is not sufficiently honorable. That is a misconception however.

    Anyway, I met him years ago when visiting that shul. He was nice and made a fine impression on me. I was impressed with how he filled his role there.

    We ask that HKB”H should send him a refuah sheleimah bimheira bisoch shear cholei Yisroel.


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