Tefillos for Ruchama Malka Breindel bas Shaina Shifra


Dear Friends,

About a year ago, my sister Malky had a relapse. A few days before she was admitted into the hospital, she got up in front of some boys in my father’s yeshiva (11th graders) and spoke to them from her heart. At this time, when Ruchama Malka Breindel bas Shaina Shifra is in such critical condition, we are overwhelmed with emotion at the outpouring of tefillah and support that Klal Yisroel is showing.

Listen below to the words from the purest of hearts, giving encouragement and guidance on how we should all be davening.

Please continue to plead for rachamei Shomayim on her behalf. Thank you from our entire family.


Malky’s sister



  1. Ruchama Malka Breindel bas Shaina Shifra – Refuah Shelaima B’Miheira! Davening 3 times each and everyday for you in addition to all the Tehillim. May Hashem reveal His rachamim and send Besuros tovos – Amen!


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