Tefillos for Rav Yitzchok Kleiman


yitzchok-kleiman-3Rav Yitzchok Kleiman, rosh kollel of Kollel Iyun Hatalmud of Lakewood, NJ, underwent brain surgery on Tuesday at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ. Rav Kleiman is currently in a medically-induced coma as he recovers from the surgery, which effectively halted bleeding in the brain.

While the doctors have told the rosh kollel‘s family that they feel the surgery went well, a full prognosis won’t be known perhaps until next week once Rav Kleiman is out of the medically-induced coma.

Rav Kleiman was formerly rosh yeshiva of the Yeshiva of St. Louis, known as St. Louis Rabbinical College, and later opened Kollel Iyun Hatalmud in Lakewood. He is known as an illui and is recognized for his wide breadth of Torah knowledge. His talmidim and others in the Olam Hatorah remain concerned during this post-operative period and are reciting Tehillim for him to merit a complete refuah.

All are asked to daven for Rav Yitzchok Menachem Mendel ben Haddasah.

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  1. Oy Vey!! We must daven even harder, work more on our Middos, and everything in between!!! Can’t anyone see that Hashem is sending us messages???

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  3. His father is the 100 year old rabbi of Congregation Aderet El (modern Orthodox) on East 28th Street in Manhattan. The longest running minyan, since 1849, at the same location is Aderet El. Pray that both, father and son, live to be 120.

  4. I saw Rabbi Sidney Kleiman in shul this morning. He is the first one in shul everyday. As he leaves shul he wishes each and every person a wonderful day.

  5. Rav Kleiman was the biggest masmid together with his chavrusa Rav Stern of Bklyn Mir Yeshiva of
    50 years ago.
    We HS talmidim used to watch them learning from a window over the Bais Medrash until well past midnight – every night. They were the only ones learning in the Bais Medrash at that time.
    Hashem should send him a Refuah Shelamah.

  6. It should be noted that even though the yeshiva gedola of st louis closed over 20 years ago, it lives on in Torah Prep Of St Louis which was started in the Rosh Yeshiva’s office by the rebbeim & Kollel of the yeshiva. It is safe to say without the yeshiva in St Louis, there would be NO Aguda where frum baal ha’batim can learn & daven, NO Torah Prep where kids could receive proper chinuch, NO St Louis Kollel, and NO yiddishkeit in St Louis.

    may we start doing teshuva before its too late C”V
    HOW many more Tzaddikim will need to pass C”V to get Hashem’s wake-up call, before we start doing teshuva?

  8. STL Yid – While I think we can agree that the institutions you cite are an asset to our St. Louis Torah orthodox community, you have irresponsibly discounted the many other Torah institutions in our city where one can daven and learn, many of which existed prior to any of those you cite. There WOULD be Yiddishkeit in St. Louis, MO without those institutions. Less Yiddishkeit, yes. But there would be Yiddishkeit, for sure.

    I remember being a part of the procession from the old Yeshiva building to the “new” one on Olive Blvd. many years ago when I attended the Rabbi Chaim Fischel Epstein Hebrew Academy with the children of Rabbi Kleiman. Oh, by the way one can STILL get proper Chinuch at that school. I would recommend that in the zechus of Rabbi Kleiman, you please amend your statement. Thank you

  9. 11,

    I will NOT ammend my words. The yiddishkeit that is now in STL is NO comparison to what it was back in the 70s & 80s. People sent kids to Epstein because they HAD to and NOT because it was a good place to send them. We lost far too many good families because of EHA being the only option.

    You mentioned walking from the North & South building to 7400 Olive with the Rosh Yeshiva’s children but that is no proof. Where was he supposed to send them? Didn’t they also go out of town once they got to 7th or 8th grade? Granted there were good rebbeim there such as Rabbi Pollack ztl, but that wasn’t enough.

    The point remains the same, despite the Revisionist History that goes on here, the meeting to start the Aguda began IN the yeshiva, the meeting to begin the cheder began IN the yeshiva with R’ Yitzchok present.

    The only reason for the current incarnation of the St Louis Kollel is because with the exception of GN, EVERYONE else was a Rebbe in the yeshiva.

    When the Vaad really started becoming a truly recognized kashrus agency in the 90s, who ran the Vaad? A SLRC person!

    Our dear Rov, HaRav Greenblatt Shlita, would not have moved to St Louis if not for the fact that he had a place to learn b’chavrusa during the day. Without Torah Prep, there’s no way they would have stayed. Chinuch is important!

    The yeshiva’s influence is here in this town no matter what those who deny want to think. Take away Torah Prep, the “child” of Reb Yitzchok, which gave birth to Bais Yaakov and we would be the same midbar we were back then.

  10. STL Yid – we must disagree on some of your comments. – The Agudah, Rabbi Greenblatt, RGN, the Kollel, Beis Yaakov, Torah Prep are all fine institutions which have given us lots of wonderful Yiddishkeit. However, I reject completely your disparagement of other wonderful institutions in our town. The Academy produced people like Rabbi Nissan Dov Miller, Rabbi Dovid Heber, Rabbi Michael Fredman, Rabbi Dovid Fredman among many others. So the St. Louis Vaad was not recognized during the era of Chief Rabbi Harav Menachem Tzvi Eichenstein, zt”l? You imply it was not, and that is insulting.


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