Tefillos for Monsey Girl Mauled By Dog


tehillimAll are asked to Tehillim and daven for Hodayah bas Na’amah, a ten-year-old girl who was mauled by a dog Shabbos afternoon in Monsey, NY. She was immediately taken to the pediatric ICU at Westchester Medical Center. Boruch Hashem, she has since been moved out of the ICU, but because of the nature of the attack, she had to undergo brain surgery and extensive plastic surgery. There are still serious concerns about infection and recovery and she is in need of our tefillos.

 Please daven for Hodayah bas Na’amah.

{Shmiel Gellman-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The dog is owned by a friendly neighbor, and had no previous record of such behavior. Lema’an Hashem, with all the tragedies we are hearing in the past few days, let’s look inward, and not have a knee-jerk reaction that something like this happened because of anti-Semitism. Whatever the outward cause, Hashem is trying to wake us all up. Aval asheimim anachnu.

  2. What breed of dog is it? Some kinds of dogs, like pitbulls and boxers, can be unpredictable. After years of seeming gentle, something can provoke an attack.

    The following kinds of dogs should be treated with caution: pitbulls, boxers, Dobermans, some German shepherds, any dog that seems nervous. Watch out for small dogs that are nervous – thir bite can be dangerous to a small child. Never stare into a dog’s face – it takes it as a challenge. Never go into the yard where a dog lives – it will think you are an invader. Never pet a strange dog without an “introduction” by the owner. Never run – back away slowly.

    Teach your children these rules. Also teach your children never to tease or provoke a dog. I like dogs and have had several, but I have also been bitten when I “broke the rules.” If you want a large dog, get a labrador or a collie, or if a smaller one, make sure it has a calm disposition.

    Most dogs make wonderful pets, but like anything else, you have to have good judgment.

  3. Uh- no offense but not everyone who has dogs is an “Anti-Semetic” whatever you said. Try try to think next time before you post a comment that has no intelligence or substance to it. Why represent yourself that way? Surely you are not unintelligent but your comment is.


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