Tefillos for Children of Cleveland Family Hurt in Crash


Members of a Cleveland, Ohio, family involved in a serious vehicular accident have reached out to Matzav.com, asking readers to daven for a refuah shleimah for four siblings of the Gruen family, Leah Hadassa bas Michal Chana, Chava bas Michal Chana, Yocheved Rivkah bas Michal Chana, and Gedaliah Dovid ben Michal Chana.

Leah Hadassa is said to be in critical condition and will need more surgeries, because her liver, pancreas and diaphragm have sustained damage. She is extremely weak, but responsive.

Chava is in very critical condition. She has suffered severe brain damage and is sedated.

Yocheved has a laceration in her liver, but is up and responsive.

Dovid has a broken leg and jaw.

The accident occurred while the family was in route from Cleveland, Ohio, to New York.

The two-vehicle crash occurred early Friday morning on Interstate 80 West, at mile marker 66.6, in Clarion Township, PA. According to police, the accident occurred around 2:29 a.m.

Explore Clarion reports that a 2012 Freightliner Acadia tractor-trailer, driven by 25-year-old Bizimungu Francois, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was disabled from a previous crash, facing south. The truck was turned over on its passenger’s side, and the trailer was blocking both westbound lanes of I-80 in front of mile marker 66.6. The Gruen vehicle, a Honda Odyssey, was traveling westbound in the right lane when it came upon the tractor-trailer in the westbound lanes. The van hit the trailer, penetrating halfway into the unit, causing multiple air bags to deploy, as well as severe damage to the front of the vehicle. The van came to a final rest facing westbound, still lodged inside the trailer.

All are asked to daven for:

Leah Hadassa bas Michal Chana, age 11

Chava bas Michal Chana, age 7

Yocheved Rivka bas Michal Chana, age 5

Gedaliah Dovid ben Michal Chana, age 4

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  1. Why wasn’t the highway blocked off or, at least, marked in some way to warn drivers there was a tractor trailer lying on the road? Seems to me the State Police were negligent in not warning drivers of the hazard in the roadway.

  2. Maybe the famiky can somehkw be told about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. True story in the AmiLiving magazine of august 9, 2017.
    May we hear Besoros Tovos.

  3. Here in Baltimore, a wonderful woman was in a terrible accident a few months ago and the family was told she was brain dead. Doctors were demanding that the family remove her from the machines, but their Rav insisted that they first do a sophisticated test to ascertain whether there was any brain activity at all. That test showed her brain was still alive and the family kept the woman on the machines. Everyone continued daavening, an not too long afterwards, she awoke. A few months later, she returned home and is now walking and talking, BH bli ayin ha’ra. Do not give up hope! Keep being mispallel, and don’t let the doctors disconnect as long as the most sophisticated tests show signs of life!

      • For those who don’t remember or don’t believe:

        The Power Of Prayer: With This Powerful Message Tzvi Moskowitz Reminds Us To Keep Davening For His Mother

        Tzvi Moskowitz asked BJL to post this message:

        “It’s been almost a week since tragedy has struck our community and the world. We have buried our brother/son and our mother/wife is in grave, critical condition. I just want to show you how your prayers have literally been the reason why our mother is still alive. Below I have attached a picture from the scene of the accident. That hunk of metal used to be a Dodge Grand Caravan. There is only a dashboard left. The only reason why our mother is still alive is because of your prayers and good deeds that you have done. Please continue to storm the gates of heaven for Tamar Adina bas kaina shulamis. That is the only way she has a chance to come home to the family that loves her.” Tzvi Moskowitz

        Posted on 12/20/16
        URGENT! Mrs. Tami Moskowitz/Tamar Adina bas Kayna Shulamis Needs Our Tefilos ***NOW***
        By: BJLife Newsroom

        The Moskowitz family has been called and is on their way to the hospital in DC and beseeches the community to please say Tehilim NOW for the zechus of Refuah Shalaimah for Mrs. Tami Moskowitz who is in need of rachamay Shamayim.

        Please pick up a Tehilim now and/or join many of the shuls who have called for an urgent emergency Tehilim session now and daven for Tamar Adina bas Kayna Shulamis.

        Included among the many shuls is a Tehilim asifa for both Men & Women at Darchei Tzedek at 7:00 PM

        A Moskowitz Family Update on Today’s Surgery of Tamar Adina bas Kayna Shulamis
        By: Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz

        Baltimore, MD – Jan. 4, 2016 – UPDATE: Thank you again for your continued prayers and support. Thank G-d surgery was successful. Our mother still remains in the ICU with many more hurdles to overcome. The doctors have said that it’s a miracle that we got this far and we are praying for more miracles so that our mother can come home to us.

        If you can please continue to pray for Tamar Adina bas Kayna Shulamis.

        Thank you, Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz

        Posted on 01/08/17
        A Moskowitz Family Update

        With the help of G-d and all of your prayers we have started to see some forward progress
        Baltimore, MD – Jan. 8, 2017 – UPDATE: The past few weeks have not been easy for us, but with the help of G-d and all of your prayers we have started to see some forward progress. The doctors are baffled and have no medical explanation for this progress. However, she remains in the ICU with many more obstacles to overcome. We are asking you to continue doing what you have been doing until now, to continue praying for our mother, Tamar Adina bas Kayna Shulamis, so that she can come home to us.

        Thank you so much!
        Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz

        Baltimore, MD – Jan.23, 2017 – A Moskowitz Family Update
        By: Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz

        With the help of G-d we are seeing continued progress with our mother’s condition. She is now out of the ICU and is continuing to communicate with people and recognizing others. She is very close to leaving the hospital and entering rehab to continue on in her journey. We cannot express to you what your prayers have done and will continue to do for her COMPLETE recovery. She continues to amaze doctors with where she is in her recovery.

        Posted on 02/12/17
        A Moskowitz Family Update
        By: Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz

        Thank you all for your prayers over the past 2 months. This time has been extremely difficult for our family. As per the doctors, your prayers saved our mother’s life. She is talking, moving and in therapy to walk again. The rehab center is working on a date to G-d willing release her. However, there is still a long road ahead.
        Although we are so thankful to G-d for giving our mother back to us we are not in a state of celebration because of the tragic loss of our brother in the same accident. We are asking that when our mother does come home to please give us some space because although we are thankful to have her back we have not grieved our brother yet and we will need time to get through this pain together.

        Thank you so much again.

        Posted on 02/19/17
        A New Moskowitz Family Update
        By: Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz

        Thank you to everyone that has done so much for our family until now. It was our first shabbos with our mother in over 2 months. It was nice to have her home but was extremely hard for her knowing that Moshe, z’l, is not here anymore. Our mother was able to take on Shabbos early with all of you who have been doing so for the past 2 months for her recovery. She still has an extremely long road ahead of her and as a family we are starting to grieve Moshe. We are still asking for space as our family needs time to get through this pain.

        We have to thank all of the amazing doctors and nurses who did their part in our mother’s recovery. I apologize I know I will miss some because there are so many of you.
        Sarah Bain McLaughlin, Sarah Jane Zanone, Katie Gitlin, Rachel Greenberg, Lee Harper Chen, Kevin Handy, Suzanne Hoffert, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Ira Rabin, Maite Corbin, Rebecca Jones, Alena Lira, Andy Schorr

        Posted on 07/05/17
        A Letter from Mrs. Tami Moskowitz
        By: Mrs. Tami Moskowitz

        Thank you to our entire special community and to the entire world for being there for our family after our dear son and brother Moshe A”H passed away. All your special memories of Moshe which you relayed to us in so many ways have given us much nechama.

        Thank you all for your continuous and endless prayers that you said and for everything that you took upon yourselves for me and my family. You all stormed the gates of heaven and Hashem listened and gave my husband and children their wife/mother back to them.

        We are all touched by the sincere love that was poured out to all of us by you.

        I know Tzvi has told you this many times but in the words of the doctors “this makes no sense.” Therefore, it is obvious that through your prayers and good deeds Hashem kept me and allowed me to be able to write this letter to you.

        I want to personally thank all the medical personnel who took care of Moshe and myself at the scene. Thank you to the Rabbonim that helped my family make life and death decisions. Thank you to the entire medical staff at MedStar Washington Hospital Center who worked around the clock to help save my life. Thank you to everyone who made meals, ran errands and anything else that was done that I don’t know about or remember.

        Thank you to all our family and friends who have done so much and continue to do so much for us.

        I am sure I left out many people who should be thanked and I apologize for that.

        May we only know of simchas in the future.

        Tami Moskowitz

      • I think it would sound fake had she said, I heard a story somewhere, some time about a woman, etc. But she lives in the city.
        And I know relatives of the woman. And davened for her.
        It’s real, b”H.

        • I don’t blame you for thinking such a story might not be real, but in this woman’s case there is no doubt about the truth. If you saw the accident scene and the scans taken after the accident, you would now believe in miracles and in the power of tefilla. You would also tell anyone forever after, not to give up just because the doctors think that there is no hope.


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