Tefillin Activist Outrages Councilman


Attorney Reuven Ladianski of Tel Aviv’s Let Live party blasted Chabad shluchim after one of them offered him a chance to put on tefillin in the city hall.

“Missionaries in the corridors of the Tel Aviv municipality!” he wrote on Facebook. “The man in the photo is a Chabad chossid who was wandering about on the 11th floor of the building and accosted me on my way to my office and offered me without hesitation and shame to put on tefillin.”

“I told him that city hall is not a place for missionaries and that he must leave the building,” Ladianski wrote, saying he would struggle against such religious coercion.

Responses flooded in, many of them blasting Ladianski.

Right-wing activist Yoav Aliasi posted: “Thanks to the hatred of people like you, a secular person like me is [now] performing the mitzvah of putting on tefillin. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of our tradition.



  1. Ladiansky clearly needs a Shel Rosh to improve his thought process and a Shel Yad to dedicate his activities to constructive ends.

  2. Tefillin is not a tradition. its a chiyuv. And I very strongly disagree with the Lubavitcher shittah of laying tefillin on every shmoyger who happens to be jewish on the street. When you put on something as holy as tefillin you need to have the proper kavana and thought; you cant just do it. Its an embarrassment to the mitzvah. You all remember when a chabadska put tefillin on a woman!
    Quit this stupid so called “outreach”. it doesn’t do any good. and it doesn’t make Hashem proud at all. Do Mitzvos for yourself. If you want to stop assimilation make people real shomer torah umitzvos; don’t take a sheigitz, lay tefillin on him, and then let him go home and eat pork and watch TV.

    • You are wrong. Every single MiTzvah stands on its own Who can tell which MiTzvah may ignite someone’s Neshama to
      Open them up to more. You cannot judge someone who wasn’t ever taught the right Derech and it may very well be that they need this one MitVah to ignite their souls

      • The Satmar rebbe, among many others held that in order for a person to wear Tefillin, he needs to have the proper kavana and thought. And if you want to ignite someone’s soul; why did you choose the mitzva of tefillin? Why put this holy shem hashem on a baal aveirah? Rather first make them be shomer Torah umitzvos gently, and then when they are prepared, let them try tefillin.

    • מתוך שלא לשמה בא לשמה
      Doing something not for its own sake (for Hashem) will eventually bring one to do it for its own sake.

  3. Ladiansky’s next project will be a petition to allow the placing of a XMas Tree in the lobby of Tel Aviv City Hall, chas v’shalom.

  4. i wonder if he regards ‘women of the wall’ as missionaries also–after all, they are handing out tefillin to women on the street

  5. Granted that Ladianski’s response does not reflect well on him, but the question is, is the inside of a building, even a government building, a rshus horabbim that anyone can come and do as they please.
    Would we regard the actions of a christian missionary operating inside a building the same as if he confronted someone in the street?

  6. Since when is offering one’s coreligionist an opportunity to practice it – missionary? Did you offer to lay tefillin on non-Jews? Did he force anyone, or coerce them? If you’re so terrified of being Jewish, well, there are a lot of places to live where no one will bother you for that. No one needs you here.

  7. To the “lot I know” fellow

    You have a lot to learn about what its all about. Realize the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZY”A advised all to do so.
    meet you in the beis hamedrash!

    • Yes. I am trying to understand the purpose of making pork-eating, TV-watching people put something as holy as tefillin on his head. Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.

  8. Open Orthodox not funny. Sequels turn the pages but the ink runs out way before. I left my hat in the closet. Melting snow not the rage anymore. Matzah is the answer.

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