Teen Gets 7 Years in Prison for Attack on Aron Rottenberg


aharon-rottenbergWhite Plains, N.Y. – A teenager was sentenced today to seven years in prison for the firebomb attack that badly burned Aron Rottenberg during a dispute.

A defense attorney said the sentence was fair but worried about prison life for an 18-year-old who has “never seen TV, never been on the Internet, doesn’t know who Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter are.”

The teen had been charged with attempted murder but pleaded guilty to assault as potential jurors gathered for his trial in February.

The teen admitted that he attacked Aron Rottenberg, a plumber, outside Rottenberg’s home in May.

Rottenberg filed a lawsuit that the teen was acting on behalf of others and the lawsuit was settled for $2.3 million.

Rottenberg had asked Rockland County Court Judge William Kelly to be lenient with the teen, who was also burned, and the judge came down from the 10-year cap he had promised after the plea deal.

Defense attorney Kenneth Gribetz said the sentence was “fair and compassionate.” But he said he fears for the teen, who he said will be the rare inmate who has had “no exposure to the outside world.”

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