Ted Cruz Would ‘Absolutely Accept’ Supreme Court Seat


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has informed Trump transition insiders that he would accept the nomination to take the place of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, potentially cementing the power of the court’s conservative wing for decades, according to sources, THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER reports.

Cruz hinted at his openness to joining the court Friday at a legal conference. “Ted Cruz would absolutely accept it if offered a seat on the court,” said a transition insider.

The source close to Cruz said later Sunday that Cruz hasn’t give a green light to President-elect Trump. Read more at THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER.



  1. Why would a young energetic person want to be on the supreme.court? It is a very boring slow job. Your life goes into slow motion. You basically vegetate for the rest of your life. It’s like living in a monastery. They only work, like for one week, before the summer break. Really freaky stuff. Yuk

  2. Easy. The man to be.

    Guggenheim treatment. His supreme court chair will be Trump’s golden toilet.

    Flush America will be his call to fame.

    Robbed by deplorable hate. Welcome to a state and society where sickness is the daily love.

    Rwanda might be healthier than Trump America. Disgusting.


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