Ted Cruz: Trump Was “Exactly Right To Fire” Yates



  1. Ted Cruz would of made a great President. It’s too bad that sniffling little worm, John Kasich, ruined it for him and the American people.

  2. David Souter was the stealth nominee pushed on the first President Bush and promoted by the Federalist Society and National Right to Life. The selection of Souter resulted in 30 million additional abortions, and he even timed his resignation so that Obama would fill his vacancy with another pro-abort who will hold power for another 30 years.
    Are we merely hours away from President Trump being misled and pressured to make the same mistake that the first Bush made. This time, no grassroots voters are going to be fooled, and a campaign will then begin for Trump’s advisers to withdraw their mistake, as the second President Bush had to withdraw Harriet Miers.

    All four candidates being pushed by the inside-the-Beltway groups are arguably “David Souters” or worse

    This was the Conservative seat .It is crucial


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