Ted Cruz: Rabbi In Israeli Yeshiva Says My Beard Will Promote Peace In The Middle East


When Cruz returned to Washington, D.C. from Thanksgiving recess with a patchy excuse for a beard, he was met with skepticism. But as Cruz’s beard has grown, so has its fan base, apparently even earning foreign policy accolades from across the globe.

According to a friend who is learning in Yeshvia in Israel, a rabbi in Israel, Cruz’s beard “will put the fear of the Lord into Israel’s enemies and promote Middle East peace,” he wrote.

“Pretty cool: A good friend is studying in Yeshiva in Israel. His rabbi told him he liked my beard, elaborating “It gives Cruz a Talmudic & Rabbinic look & presence that will put the fear of the Lord into Israel’s enemies & promote Middle East peace.”

“Wow. Perhaps a bit much….”

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  1. If Ted could get an audience with Rav Chaim Shlita, he would probably be told to grow his beard and he would have success in his endeavours.

  2. Happy for Ted. This is a very important smart move. Why not? The very bible states that the L-rd himself seems to like our natural image. Smart.

    Yes I do believe it will help the middle east. The arabs will easily fear him more than the infidel with a razor. Really and why not the head-honcho take a lesson? Simply put. Netanyahu is too key to the grab of big war to even think of stopping it for the best of the world he lives.

    Shave like a mugger and learn that there is never an arab who wants to deal with you. Not many jews either.

    What a funny world. The bible was really given to us for a manner to make a difference. Do you think anyone would believe that? Not likely. The IRS and the Stock market are too fun to worry about and if you get too much credit from the pope its your naturally shaved face that can be bloody every morning and ugly every night.

    What a wonder. Kudos to the first guy in office with popularity this year with a good bearded look. I guess its ok even though its even the shortest of beards.

    Hey one more for the beard guys. We look better.

    • I would honestly like to meet you. Your comments are bizzare and intruiging. Why is your english always so terrible? Do you use some sort of translation app?

      • You read me? Get a psychiatrist. You may be schizophrenic or ever worse. Every person knows we just post for fun.

        Translation programs are very expensive. You might get the upgraded version. Thirty thousand books in a lifetime of reading. They combine nicely to ne advanced english.

        Sorry. My family does not want more non-orthodox. You can ask why there is no incentive to agree or disagree and stay to topic.

        Goats get more vote than gimmies off the internet. Just a thought. Hashem may invest in the minds who want good Torah. Thats why we stick to matzav. You can have your coffee and cigar somewhere else. Thanks.

  3. A beard ain’t everything.

    בעסער א מענטש אן א בארד פון א בארד אן א מענטש

  4. Nu, he is starting to look like an MO. Don’t push, give him some time, and before long, he will have peyos sprouting behind his ears. הגוי גם צדיק…


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