Team Obama’s Stunning Cover-Up Of Russian Crimes


The Hill reports that the FBI in 2009 had collected substantial evidence — eyewitnesses backed by documents — of money-laundering, blackmail and bribery by Russian nuclear officials, all aimed at growing “Vladimir Putin’s atomic-energy business inside the United States” in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The bureau even flagged the routing of millions from Russian nuclear officials to cutouts and on to Clinton Inc.

The Obama administration — anxious to “reset” US-Russian relations — kept it all under wraps, refusing to tell even top congressional intelligence figures. Read more at the NY POST.



  1. If we will never get to see Obama and Hillary behind bars because they’re holy cows, why bother investigation their massive corruptions? And the same goes for Comey and Mueller corrupt to the core.

  2. Obama was both the most nefarious, and the most authoritarian President of the USA, since WWII. He ruled this country like the proverbial African chief, or strongman, by fiat, and by every kind of subterfuge known in the dirty world of politics.

  3. So if that’s the case, Obama should be thrown in prison. What a treasonous traitor. But of course nothing is going to happen to him. The corrupt FBI is extremely busy now helping the big crook himself, Robert Mueller, bring down President Trump. I just can’t wait for Mueller to release his bombshell revelations. Our tax dollars hard at work.

  4. What I fond the most frustrating is that now that we have trump, why is sessions holding back from prosecuting all the corruption from the previous administration. It’s probably for a reason such as bad visuals or the like but out democracy and country is getting more corrupt by the day.


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