Talmudo Beyado – Revolutionary NEW Gemara Dictionary



Talmudo Beyado is a dictionary that uses a whole new approach to defining words in the Gemara. The dictionary has a compilation of every moderately hard word on every page of the Gemara and it lists them in the order that they appear on that page, and this is done for every page of shas.

The benefits of this over a “normal” dictionary are numerous. Firstly it allows words to be defined within the context of the Gemara and doesn’t require you to waste time searching for definitions and flipping back and forth between them. It also solves the problem of Aramaic words that have the same definition but have different spellings. There are also almost 30 pages of charts, graphs and useful information that anyone learning any sugya will find useful.

The dictionaries come in two different editions, a hardcover and multiple softcovers. The hardcover edition is on the entire shas and it has an appendix that includes charts, graphs and other useful information. The softcover editions are divided into twenty-four volumes and they are kept thin enough to be able to be stored inside a standard Gemara so they can be available when needed most.

There is a 10% DISCOUNT on orders of 2 or more hardcovers or 3 or more softcovers, and of course there is FREE shipping.

If you have any questions email me at TalmudoBeyado@outlook.com

Please visit www.TalmudoBeyado.com to view sample pages and to place an order!


  1. Chaiim Yhoshua Kassovsky zwql prepared Otzarim for Mishna, EI & Bav Gmara, Tosefta, etc. in the 1950s. It is well-known, lauded by mumkhim. It was his life work, and is incredibly comprehensive. Oh, but it’s in Hebrew, a great challenge for would-be adepts. Way back then, it was considered to intensive for the Klal, who were learning Pshat from very qualified Rabbayim.


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