Tall People Are More Likely To Get Cancer Because There’s Just More Stuff In Them


There are a lot of things we all know we can do to curb our risk of getting cancer. Avoiding tobacco products is high on the list, as is doing out best to eat unprocessed foods (and maybe even go organic). One thing we definitely can’t control is our height, but past studies have indicated that cancer risk goes up the taller you are.

As the Guardian reports, a new study published in Proceedings of The Royal Society B attempted to determine why that is. Was there some weird cellular quirk in taller people that was increasing instances of cancer, or maybe some link between the roles of genes associated with height and cancer-causing mechanisms later in life?

The data suggests that the only thing to blame is that tall people have more mass, and thereby more tissue that could go rogue.

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  1. Aha. And these same people claim it’s dangerous not to get the flu shot. Both bogus. Fake news. Propaganda. Fear mongering.

  2. Baloney. Fake news. Why scare tall people for nothing just because some frustrated researchers want to make the headline? There is much more to the story than shot or tall.I’m sorry but I would expect more from Matzav.


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