Taking A Stand Against: Families Ask Anti Vaxxers Not To Attend Their Bris



    • Bsd. Medically speaking an attendee at a bris cannot pick up any diseases from the baby. Not vaccinating is dangerous and in my opinion a Chillul HaShem. When I was still a practicing pediatrician a 4 year old girl I admitted for measles was dead the next morning from measles pneumonia. Rabbi Doctor Tuvia Meister

  1. Don’t let antivaxxers into our shuls, yeshivos and camps. Antivaxxers might(or might not, arguably) have a constitutional right to be stupid, but they have no right to enter our private property if we prohibit them. Ostracize them.

    • DON’T BE SILLY! Anti-vaxxers do NOT transmit measles to vaccinated children. Period! If your child gets the measles, BLAME YOURSELF because YOU WERE NOT up to date with the vaccination. STOP THIS IDIOTIC NONSENSE.

      • No, there are people who can’t be vaccinated (like the baby at the bris) or whose vaccinations can’t help (like the babies great-grandfather) our other people who are immuno-suppressed (like the neighbor who beat cancer six months ago) so bottom line mister final conclusion these people actually are a clear and present danger especially at a bris where you for sure have a vulnerable baby and likely at least one of the other two categories. Also, stop screaming, it hurts to read a response in all-caps

        • Why are you yelling at anti-vaxxers when vaxxers who don’t inject themselves with these dangerous vaccinations substances every few years are on the exact same status? Stop fooling yourself and others with such nonsense. How many babies contacted the measles before the measles vaccinations came out? And how many children died then? If you sheeple will ask Big Pharma they will tell you about 3 million a year.

          BTW screaming is very important for deaf and dumb people who idiotically follow fake news and don’t even bother learning the truth – even those posted on this site.

          • Dear 6:50, as a typical golem, you express opinion about things you have no education about. Your claim that the measles vaccine has to be “injected every few years” is completely wrong. Do you even realize that Big Pharma is not making any money on vaccines, hence has no incentive to conspire against you tinfoil-hat idiots.

  2. Smart parents/Grandparents in protecting their family and friends. I use merkaz hasimcha all the time for my simchos, great service, great food, and great management.

  3. Smart Parents/ grandparents for protecting their family and friends. I go to merkaz hasimcha all the time. Great service, great food, and Menachem is a great manager.

    • Hello it is not politics. An eight day old baby can’t be vaccinated. An unvaccinated person can be incubating measels and be contagious. They are right not to take a 7chance. Sometimes it is not about you We Are Doomed.

    • The goyishe waiters are probably vaccinated. It is only California hippies and some uneducated people in our community who are antivaxxers.

  4. Measles shot cannot be given till age 1. (Sometimes earlier) should someone come to bris who’s not immunized, the young infant will be exposed and can have a deadly effect. Think parent protecting newborn and not busy politicizing bris.

  5. Anti-vaxers don’t believe in Brissim anyways. A child once died from a bris, so it makes perfect sense that parents be allowed to decide what is and isn’t safe for their own children.

    • “Anti-vaxers don’t believe in Brissim anyways”???????????? According to you there are NO non-vaccinating people who are fully observant of Torah???????????? You — and many of your friends here — are mean vicious wicked Ba’alay Motzoei Shem Ra (mean vicious wicked masters of promoting slanderous lies) on a significant segment of Torah observant Jews!!

      • Chill dude! The guy even called himself Facetious. Do you know what that means? “treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor”. Too bad on you for not picking up on that.

        • I actually did realize that after posting the remark. At the same time though, the words of “FacetiousMan” are such a horrendous AND horrific lie that they are absolutely NOT funny at all, even when meant as a joke.

    • In one of the cities in my area, there is a group of very wonderful Torah observant Jews who all strongly chose AGAINST vaccination. They formed their own Kehila and have a very nice little Beis Medrosh. I actually once Davened Shacharis there. And, incidentally, all of their children are quite healthy!

      • please let me know where this is? i would like to join them.
        my kids are home from school and not learning right now. i am totally devastated by the breakdown in the achdus of klal yisrael

        • Mrs. Devorah:

          As, understandably, such information should not be given out publicly, I have sent the information I know to the Matzav editor at editor@matzav.com and so you and him should be in contact with each other.

          Hatzlacha Raba!

    • Actually, It’s the same Liberals who want to ban Mila that are pro coercing vaccinations.

      They believe that its the gov’t’s responsibility to make the necessary choices for medical procedures for healthy children, not the parents.

      Same for vaccines – they believe that the gov’t should decide whether or not a healthy child should get a medical procedure & not the parents.

    • This is actually the Halacha, that if even only TWO older brothers of this newborn boy died from getting a Mila, this is taken VERY SERIOUSLY and — despite the extremely, extremely, extremely, crucial central importance of Mila in Judaism — IT IS FORBIDDEN to do Mila on this boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the very least, we must wait and wait and wait until, he is grown more and stronger and we are 1,000% that he can take the trauma of a Mila and will not die from it. Needless to say, if the baby himself has any signs at all of being sick, we are also forbidden to do Mila on him and must wait until he is completely well. (Please see the Rambam, Hilchos Mila, Perek 1, Halachos 16 – 18.)

      With vaccinations though, the laws are completely different; this is because, as I explained in my comment below, we are dealing with another religion. While Mila is a Mitzva of the religion of The Torah, vaccinations is a Mitzva of the religion of Modern Medicine, where the rules are very different.

      So regarding vaccinations, if two or more older brothers or/and sisters of this newborn baby died from getting a vaccination — THE CASE DOES NOT EXIST!! If two or more older brothers or/and sisters died right after getting their shots, IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to EVEN THINK that they died from the vaccinations!! The holy doctor and the holy, holy, holy hospital wrote in the “Cause of Death” blank: “S.I.D.S.” (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), so that is what we must all devoutly believe.

      Now, even with the baby himself or the baby herself, (obviously, he or she did not die — yet, but) when he or she was taken to the doctor for the “first” shots, right afterwards, he or she had a severely horrific reaction with rabid vomiting and violent shaking. So when the scheduled time of the second shots arrives, the parents — pointing out the horrid reaction — politely request a reprieve, or at least, a postponement, of this second round. The doctor though, sternly retorts:


      If the parents refuse to comply with the holy, holy doctor’s orders, the Protective Child Services is notified, the baby and their other children are placed in Foster Care and put up for adoption, and the parents are put in jail. Of course, if the pro-vaxxers posting here could make a Beis Din, their Kangaroo Court would put the parents in the Electric Chair!!

  6. If your child got the measles BLAME YOURSELF. Had your child been updated with the measles vaccination, he/she wouldn’t have caught it from anyone else.

  7. If your child got the measles BLAME YOURSELF. Had your child been updated with the measles vaccination – which means getting the vaccination every few years even as adults, – he/she wouldn’t have caught it from anyone else.

  8. Wow, what was predicted, has actually happened!! And so very soon!! At http://matzav.com/banned-shuls-seek-to-block-anti-vaxxers-from-attending/, the very excellent comment there with the name: “Eis tzara liyaakov” sarcastically remarked that we will be proclaiming that not-vaccinated-people will be barred from attending a Bris and other Simcha gatherings. Even the grandparents and even the regular parents and even the in-law parents will all be bluntly turned away — right at the door — if their doctor-certified-vaccination-papers are not all 100% up-to-date!!

    This comment was posted on (the same day that the Matzav article was published, which was on) November 2; now, on November 9, just barely a week later, we see it has happened!! Right IN the announcement of the Bris itself, IS the announcement of the rejection of all who are not-vaccinated. Now, here in this case, as the announcement says that it is the grandparents who are making the announcement, obviously it is not the grandparents who are going to be excluded. We can be sure though, that there certainly are some relatives who will be; if, as we just said, the GRANDparents will be let in, maybe some of the GREAT-grandparents will be led the way out. Maybe some of the uncles and aunts will be given the quick exit; maybe it will be a few of the cousins. Whomever it will be, at the very least, a few people are going to feel the stern hand of the law enforcement of Modern Medicine.

  9. After all is said and done, those who do not vaccinate their children and let them contact the measles at a young age to get it over with once and for all (like before vaccinations was introduced about 1963) are better off, since those who vaccinate have to be on top of their child’s vaccinations because if they’re not vaccinated every few years they can contact measles even as adults (which is much harder) and even ch”v during pregnancy.

  10. Tell the family not to let the cleaning lady into their home when they return from their bris. She is not immune. Guaranteed! And tell them to give out boosters to the guests because anyone who hasn’t received it in the last few years is not immune.

  11. I’m sorry to say these people are all deranged.We are nebach falling into crazy beliefs and into cults.(Lev Tahor) anti vaxxers. All the same we are on a slippery slope here all in the name of Torah observance.? I really believe our beautiful religion is being hijacked by all these crazy believes.

  12. The MMR vaccine causes about 40 deaths a year as reported to VAERS which was set up by the CDC and FDA, and hundreds of thousands of chronic and mental illness.
    Compare that with approximately 1 deaths per year from actually getting measles in the USA.
    This makes getting the vaccine 40 times more lethal then getting measles and thousands of times more likely to damage your children for life.
    Get a grip!!!

    • What’s really lethal is your intelligence! There are so little deaths from measles because it was almost eradicated until the anti-vaxxers gave it new life.

  13. Nebach, why are people starting up with the hall and waiters. the caterer is doing everything to make the simcha as memorable as possible. if i sent you an invitation saying “Black Tie Affair” or “Please Dress Appropriately” no one would care or take offence. The bal simcha can request whatever they like, They are paying for the affair! If you dont like it, Then dont freeload for a meal. shell out the $$$ and buy your own breakfast! How many of you even give a present, shame on you. Well I’m done venting for the day, Enjoy and have a great shabbos.

    • That is incorrect. One can never discriminate. A bakery in Colorado that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple was sued. Stores in Williamsburg that put up signs requesting their patrons to dress modestly were forced to take the signs down. What you sheeple fail to realize is that America is no longer a free country. You’re being monitored 24/7. If the Thought Police decide that YOU are hurting their feelings they’ll come after you with a vengeance. So NO, the caterer or the Baal Simcha can’t just put up discriminatory signs however he feels.

    • And in what shilchan urich does it say presents are halacha…if you can afford to buy, you buy…if not not. There are si.chas every day kah, and you can spend your wages just on that. Between upsherin kiddish Bris tenoyim bar mitzvas weddings birthdays…chumash plays graduations…did I leave anything out…of birthdays, anniversaries.tzedaka parties.endless solicitations..all the occasions …and more… that we have to ” accommodate ” yearly…b” h. Not much left for anything else.

    • glad you think your guests are shlepping to your bris to freeload on your .70 bagel + free tuna!

      people are disgusted at the provocativeness of the invitation.

      btw – never in the history of Klal Yisroel did invitations say “stay home if you aren’t dressed properly” or keep out if you don’t have a black tie” or any other stay home messages meant to sow hatred between us.

      (& then we scream when the goyim make nasty comments or caricatures about us. Let’s stop hating on each other already. You won’t get ill if g-d didn’t decree it on Rosh Hashana.

  14. unfortunately the sites that people got your information from is NOT a reliable source. There are no trials, tests, any proven information, and the owners of the site are anti-vaxxers, paid to publish anything that sounds somewhat medically reliable. They bring proofs from their OWN previously published pieces!

  15. Dear antivaxxers, you underlying problem is that you base your opinion on a “belief”. Not Yidishkeit’s Emunah, but a senseless and fanatical christian type belief. For you, it’s a question whether to believe doctors or quacks, and you happen to believe quacks. Normal people base their opinions on knowledge as opposed to christian type beliefs. Why don’t you antivaxxers get yourself educated in basic biology, and make your conclusions based on science as opposed to your christian type beliefs.

    • Wrong! You need to get educated instead of believing everything a doctor says. Stop,treating them like they are gods and do your own research. Doctors known nothing about what goes into theses vaccines. In medical school they are taught the vaccine schedule and that’s it. They are discouraged from asking about the safety, efficacy, and the toxicity of these vaccines. Basically, they have to toe the line. If you don’t believe me go ask any doctor and they will tell you they know absolutely nothing about what I stated above.

  16. Ain ledavar sof; yes, the goyim are vaccinated against Measles. When a child is born (in a democratic society…not a yiddishe one) they go for a series of vaccines against once common illnesses that were detrimental to newborns and young children. They do this over a period of several months to space out the medication. The MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccine is given and proof has to be shown when they go to school. No one in America is allowed to go to school or work without the MMR vaccine. You can opt out but you are opting out of life as well. These illness damaged families for centuries.

  17. In my remark above, I discussed a remark titled “Eis tzara liyaakov” at http://matzav.com/banned-shuls-seek-to-block-anti-vaxxers-from-attending. On that web page, directly on that comment, I posted four remarks, in which I related about a prominent Jewish pediatrician, Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD, Alav HaShalom, 1926 – 1988. [I will briefly repeat here his info: MD from the University of Chicago, board certified in Pediatrics, private practice in Pediatrics, professor at the medical schools of Northwestern University and the University of Illinois, and published five books, a newsletter, and a newspaper column. (Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_S._Mendelsohn)] He was a vehement critic of Modern Medicine and explained that it really is “a religion,” whose god is death, whose ethical doctrine is DIShonesty, and where the infant vaccinations are, like the Christian Baptism, the child’s rite of induction into the religion.

    So I stated that here, there are really TWO religions that people are following:

    #1.) Is the religion of “Judaism,” that we who follow it more commonly call it “The Torah.”

    #2.) Is the religion of “Modern Medicine.”

    So yes, while we in the Frum communities profess to be adherents of the religion of Judaism-Torah, a gigantic portion of our communities, very likely even the vast majority, are also adherents of the religion of Modern Medicine. And those who are adherents of the religion of Modern Medicine are very, very, VERY strongly devout adherents of it.

  18. All the pro-vaxxers seem to be unaware of the reason why babies till age one are not vaccinated – it’s because they are presumed to be still covered by the mother’s immunity, and therefore the vaccine won’t achieve anything of significance. In other words, the baby is NOT at risk of catching measles.
    In general, the pro-vaxxers seem unable to come up with any clear argument other than “the ‘expert’s say…” which is kind-of suggestive…

    • Sorry, Yiddele, but you are wrong. A baby’s immune system is not mature enough to produce memory cells for certain illnesses. As I am sure you know, there are vaccines that are given prior to the first birthday, sometimes within a week of birth itself. According to your logic, whatever happens to the immunity passed from the mother – is it selective?

  19. im trying to understand
    if all doctors say to vaccinate
    why do some yeshivash kollel people with zero medical knowledge think they know better
    how do i protect my children from marrying these type of people and end up with something worse than measels

  20. My simcha, my house, my rules.
    Nobody would post online replies, if a newborn’s parent insisted that everyone entering his home washed their hands, or that anyone coughing or sniffing refrained from coming.
    It’s a parental obligation to ensure a safe environment for the child. Mazal tov!

    • If it’s in your private house, then okay. I hear you. But in this instance, it was NOT in a private house. It was in a rented catering hall. If a bakery was forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding, this simcha hall should be forced to accept EVERYONE. You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t like the law, speak to your tax dollar funded politician.

      • The simcha hall itself – perhaps. The bris was still a private affair, and the one who rented the hall decides who enters his affair, just as he decides whom to invite.
        According to you, one is allowed to crash any wedding of his choice, because it’s held in a hall? Really?
        PS. The sick couple lost their law suit, by the way.

  21. To all people that write long pshetlach , pls get a life. U shouldn’t have that much time on ur hands.
    To David, ur thinking is absurd. Of course there is only one measles death because almost everyone gets shots! If they would t there would thousands of Deaths

  22. new question that i will ask before making a shidduch
    are they anti vaxxers
    ill add it on to right after are they part of peleg reshaim

  23. (Continuation of my above remark)

    So here at this Bris, we amazingly have the convergence of not only the two religions, we further have the convergence of THE RITES OF INDUCTION of the two religions! The whole purpose of the special gathering IS for the performance & celebration of the rite of induction into the Judaism-Torah religion, the Bris-Mila. AND, the very structure and format of the Bris-Mila gathering is set with the stringent ban of all of those who decline the holy, holy rite of induction into the Modern Medicine religion, the vaccinations.

    So, wow, this boy has been brought into the Bris – the Covenant of Judaism-Torah and the Bris – the Covenant of Modern Medicine through the route of VEHEMENT HATRED: vehement hatred of all of those who dare to defy the sacred orders of vaccinate and vehement hatred of all of those who dare to question the holy, holy absolute authority of the holy modern medical doctor. So this boy, so Shteeped – so Immersed in the total faith in holy, holy, holy Modern Medicine and the furious anger at any doubt of it, will for sure become one of the top Modern Medical religious leaders. He will initiate a holy crusade to completely rid the world of those crazy-non-vaxxer-sinners and fully silence the anti-vaccine blasphemy. Anyone who dares to report that a vaccine was the cause of a person’s death, will himself readily incur the punishment of death. In this future utopia garden of hyper-hyper-tyranny, there will be NO PLACE for those who do not accept holy Modern Medicine as their Holy God and Lord.


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