Take A Look At Trump Haters Flip Flopping After Trump Fires Sessions


Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned yesterday after being requested to do so by President Trump. Trump had been unhappy with Sessions ever since Sessions recused himself from the Russia collusion investigation a year ago.

While there were many mixed reviews on this move by the President, some reactions were clearly out of line with their own words. These Democrat hypocrites who just a year ago went on the record to call for Sessions resignation are now criticizing Trump for finally  pulling the ax.

Below you can see Representative of the House Jerry Nadler, who just won his election race this past week, tweeting for Sessions to resign last March:



Here’s a more recent post that shows how Nadler quickly changed his tune:

Could it be that Nadler just wants to oppose Trump no matter what the President does? Here’s another example, this time from Elizabeth Warren:

All this just goes to show that President Trump may be on to something when he comlains about ‘Fake NEws.”



  1. This is so simple.

    Democrats are criticizing Trump’s decision because it is an assault on the rule of law. If Trump was really firing Sessions for perjury, he would have done so months ago.
    Similar to Comey’s firing. If Trump was really firing Comey for the Clinton emails, he would have done so months ago

    • Sorry, no. The AG is part of the Executive Branch, and serves at the pleasure of the President.

      That means, the President has the legal authority to hire and fire the AG, and doesn’t have to give his reasons to Democrats – or you.


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